Dec 25, 2009

Festive Feelings

Happy Christmas ATP fans....I hope Santa brings you all you want.

Cat x

Dec 7, 2009

It's amazing what you can get done on the train

Welcome to one of the final ATP blog updates for 2009. Last week I was working around the UK and whilst traveling on the Virgin pendalino train I managed to finish off the 6 tracks for the next EP.

I have been listening back to the new EP a fair bit over the weekend, in cars, on headphones, on phone speakers and I must say I am rather liking it. It's not a massive departure from the debut album, but it is a lot, lot better. I think it is a bit more 'punchy' and raw. When I made the debut I spent hours and hours and hours listening to the album, tweaking tracks and in the end I think I was so bored by it before it was even released. With the new one very few people have heard it so far and I plan on keeping it that way until it's released.

So, when will that be? - I plan to mix and master it in Jan 2010. Then I hope to get the CDs pressed in Feb / March - promo done in April and I am expecting the birth of this one to be in May/June ... So half a year away yet. I am sure that one I get some of the CDs back I will be allowed to start selling them though.

Next week I am off to France to go skiing, no doubt I will be listening to the new EP on the slopes to see how it works ;o)

Nov 26, 2009


Bit of a personal rant today, I try as much as I can to keep this blog about ATP and not stuff going on in my own life but hey, its Thursday and I feel people should know about this.

I found out today that Brighton & Hove Council have finally given the go ahead for 4 new houses to be built on some land right outside the back of my house. I have been fighting this application for five years and today I can do no more.

It sickens me that they allowed it to go ahead as the fire and emergency services said they should not allow it as no fire engines can get to the site in an emergency as the road that leads to the site is too thin. I cannot believe that the Council would put peoples safety ahead of a housing development.

Seriously seriously gutted - I have no proof but I am so, so, sure that some back-hander has gone on somewhere .....

Nov 20, 2009

ATP SpotifyMix II

Amongst The Pigeons - SpotifyMixVolTwo

If you are on Spotify - click above for my 2nd playlist - its a real mixed bag - but a coherent journey. Hope you like it x

Nov 19, 2009

Is it too early for reflection?

We are reaching the end of 2009 and for me the end of the year always brings about a moment of reflection. 2009 has been a good year for me; I released my debut album, got some great reviews, DJed all around Europe, signed a publishing deal and gained lots new fans.

I started the year with a lot of goals and although I met quite a lot of them, there are a lot that I did not meet and these will now carry over to 2010. I guess one of the biggest things I want to achieve is finding a way to take ATP out and about as a live show. Sadly at the moment I don't have the equipment I need to pull it off, so need to keep saving. There is no point doing it unless its going to be good.

Next year is a big challenge for me - I am going to be releasing a new EP. The EP is pretty much finished - just a few tweaks to make and then I will get it mixed and mastered with a view of getting it out there in Spring-Summer time. I am going to be hitting the promotion hard and hope to get more reviews, more radio play and make more new fans.

I also want to find a way of DJing at some festivals - so if you know anyone who can help - please let me know.

I also want to take this 'time of reflection' to thank anyone who has listened, purchased, played or enjoyed my music. As a musician you need fans, you need people to listen to, and play your music and buy your releases, and you also need a lucky break every now and then.

At the moment I feel like I need this break in order to reach the next level. Maybe that break is round the corner?

One other thing I forgot to mention above was the theme tune I made for the eBook version of 'Who Goes There?' by Nick Griffiths. You can buy the eBook >> Here!

It's a great product - the book is brilliant and I highly recommend getting a copy, also check out Nicks other books as he's a great writer and any of them would make an ideal Christmas present.

That gives me an idea ... maybe my next post will be an ATP recommends Xmas Gift List? Hmmmmm.... ;)

Nov 11, 2009


Last weekend was spent in Warsaw, Poland. I was invited out to DJ with Mr Kordys at an art exhibition/party. I arrived on Friday night with Mrs Pigeons, we rocked up to the very posh Marriot hotel to check in. However after a quick bit of confusion at the reception desk we realised we were meant to be at the less posh Metropol down the road. I really need to read things better.

Saturday morning was spent looking around the cultural area of Warsaw. We went up the Cultural Palace which was really high, saw some Pigeons up there and then went to the technology museum to the James Bond spy exhibition. That was really good fun with drill-guns, gun-bras and more pigeons.

Then Saturday night was the actual DJ Set. We arrived at 1500m2 early evening and took a brief look round. The building is a block of (unused) flats, very eastern European looking and every room had a different art installation in it. Some were just paintings, others were video, some were just odd but the whole place was pretty impressive.

My DJ Set started about 11pm and I did about 1 hour before handing over to Mr Kordys who did 1hr. Then back to me for more music and back to him to end the night ... I think we left the venue about 3.30am, a bit tipsy. So found some food opposite our hotel and then sleep.

The next day we visited the Old Town and nursed our heads. Monday was spent shopping and having lots of Mocha's.

All in all a great weekend was had. I want to thank Kordys for inviting me out there and I'll be organizing a Pigeon show over here in UK with him soon.

Nov 6, 2009

Poland Awaits

I was away some of this week in Oxfordshire, staying in a rather posh county manor. All very nice and it gave me time to work on some tracks. On the train back from Oxford to Brighton via Reading and Gatwick I finished what I refer to as the 1st Draft of my new EP.

I have already got a title and a front cover for the EP and just need to tidy up the tracks and get it mixed, mastered, produced etc etc etc - all this takes time. So I imagine the EP will be 'out' on CD and iTunes next April/May time.

Its going to have 5/6 tracks including 'mocha to go', 'michael jacksons last waltz', 'the latin word for amusement', 'the kids today', 'the darker side of' and 'urban garden'. I already prefer it to my debut album, probably because its fresh and new and shorter - in retrospect maybe the debut should have been a bit shorter but hey-ho, you can't change the past ... onwards to the future.

Which in my case means DJing tomorrow night in Warsaw! I will report on my findings next week. Bring on the Zubrowka!

Nov 1, 2009

£5.99 - going once, going twice - sold - to you!

Hi Readers,

Whilst browsing the www I noticed that my debut album is only £5.99 on Amazon, so if you have not got a copy yet, why not download it now? Link below.

Amazon Store

Oct 29, 2009

Seeing Spots

Tonight I am going to see Mr Frank Turner in London which I am very much looking forward to. Frank is an old friend and its amazing to think he is now headlining the likes of Shepherds Bush Empire. I can't wait.

So what have I been up to? Well I have made a new remix for Wobbly Squadron which I finished mixing last night. It's hopefully going to appear on their forthcoming 'when you awake' single. I will be uploading it to my ATP RMX myspace soon for you to listen to.

I also made a Spotify playlist - you can listen to it here: Amongst The Pigeons - SpotifyMixVolOne
I am hoping to do one of these a month with some old, some new and some borrowed music.

Next week I am off to Poland to go and DJ with Mr Kordys in Warsaw (WaWa), I really dont know what to expect so am half filled with excitement, half filled with fear and a little bit filled with something else.

Not many of you know this but I am 1/4 Polish myself and have never been to WaWa so am very much looking forward to the whole weekend.

Sep 30, 2009

Hello Autumn : Falling Leaves

It's been a strange few weeks. Summer seemed to make a brief return last weekend but has now gone to make way for the Autumn. Last night whilst walking home from work I could not fail to notice the leaves turning brown and falling from the trees. Next stop Winter.

Living and working in Brighton has also been strange over the last few days due to the Labour Conference taking place at The Brighton Center. The whole city is on police lock down and its just horrible. Yesterday I passed 36 police officers on a brief stroll to Argos and saw about a dozen riot vans and 2 undercover police cars racing round the city. I will be pleased and happy when the conference ends and Brighton can return to normal.

In terms of ATP stuff - well, I have been (slowly) working away on a new EP. I decided that the 2nd full length album is going to the themed and it will be amazing. As such I think it could take 2-5 years to finish it. I really want it to be perfect. My inspiration is Screamadelica by Primal Scream and The Haunted Dance Floor by Sabre's of Paradise. The album will be called 'Get Amongst It' and is going to be based on an evening out. Starting with early evening-drinks with friends, through the journey into town, the night in the club (banging tunes) and then the come down at the end of it all.

So because this may take some time I am going to be releasing EPs for the foreseeable future. They will all have between 4-6 tracks and the first one of these has the working title of 'Repeat till fade'. Three tracks finished so far - Mocha to go, Michael Jacksons Last Waltz and The Latin Word For Amusement.

I also started work last night on a very different sounding ATP track called 'Hello Autumn : Falling Leaves' .... and with that I wish you a good day x

Sep 16, 2009

New Song: Michael Jacksons Last Waltz (demo)

Yesterday I got a 6 hour train from Brighton to Bangor - During that time I made a new song. It's is called 'Michael Jacksons Last Waltz' and the demo version can be downloaded: here

Aug 26, 2009

Spotify The Pigeons

I don't have access to Spotify, but my album is now on there for you to go and listen to. If you do have access, can you send me an invite token so I can check it out.

In other news - well - I don't really have any at the moment. I have been trying to start work on the next ATP record but feel a bit stumped so I've been doing lots of DJing in my little Pigeon Music Room ...

Aug 20, 2009

Future Mixes

Well my little 15min mini mix has gone down very well today - I think this may become a monthly occurrence.

Radio Interview & 15 Min Mix

Just a quick one, about a couple of things:

1. I am doing a radio interview tonight on Horsham's Trash Can Radio Show 8-11pm - listen here from 8.

2. I made a 15 minute party mix for a competition run by kissy sell out. I quite liked it, so thought I would share it with everyone. - is the link you need. You can listen online or download and keep it.

Lots more going on at ATP HQ, so keep reading the blog, and if you have not done so yet, buy my album here (cd) or here (digital).


Cat x

Aug 10, 2009

MTBYTT - Officially Out Today

The album is now 'officially' out on CD and iTunes.

There have been some great reviews coming in over the last few days and some really exciting things going on with some of the tracks and ATP in general. More on those over the next month.

I feel there is still a long way to go, the single did not get much national airplay - so if you have time please email the DJs on Radio1 and 6Music saying you heard my stuff and they should be playing it.

Also - I am still lacking the ability to take this stuff and play it live - I need more gear and time to rehearse - so my focus I think over the next 6 months will be working on ATP live. Alongside that I hope to have a few new tracks ready for an EP next year, this new stuff will hopefully be a little less experimental and more concise.

But for now - thanks to all who have got the album so far - if you have not - WHY>?

Aug 3, 2009

Reviews Begin

So the album is 'officially' out next week and a number of reviews have started being published. On the whole these are very positive.

I always knew when I released the album that it would not be everyone's cup of tea and it was maybe a bit of a risk releasing a 16 track album that jumps from here to there and back again via Nijmengen.

I think that's one of the things I like about the album; it is very varied.

I knew as soon as I finished MTBYTT that I wanted the second album to be a departure from the first one. The debut is a teenager trying to find their feet in the world, experimenting with styles, looks, sexuality and drugs. The second album WILL be a more mature young adult - sure of themselves and where they sit in the world.

This probably all sounds total and utter Bollocks to you the dear ATP reader - but I know exactly what I mean, and, I can assure you when 'Get Amongst It' comes out in 2010-2011 or maybe even 2012 - it will be amazing.

In other news I have been asked to DJ in Poland in October - in front of 1000 people - fuck me how cool will that be!

Ok - so back to reviews ... here are some so far - and please remember to tell your friends, family and jail mates about me - spread the word, spread your wings.


"Amongst The Pigeons has made a rather lovely album, maintaining a distinctly unlo-fi feel to his dreamy electro-house. It really is the sound of a radiant summer."
Dannii Leivers - The Fly

"A Bizarre collection of electronica propped up with sampled poetry, ticket collectors and random you tube."
NC - Brighton Source

"BRIGHTON-based dance DJ Amongst The Pigeons has scrubbed up well on his first offering. On first listen you wonder where the LP is going, meandering about in a world of blips and subdued beats. But then the individual tracks get you - like the fantastic lo-fi Frank Turner collaboration Larkin or smile-raising weirdness such as Bird Flew - and you realise that Music To Brush Your Teeth To is like one long quirky interlude from start to finish.."
Isaac Ashe - Sound Advice

Jul 20, 2009

Larkin About (video)

Being as this song is going to be a single I thought there should be some kind of video for it. Sadly I don't have much of a budget for anything at the moment so I made this one.

I really would have loved a dark animated video about Pigeons for this song and maybe one day I can find someone to make it for £free.

Until then you get this. I guess really the only reason I made it is so that people can hear the song on YouTube ... it's amazing how many people listen to songs on there.

Larkin About - By Amongst The Pigeons (feat. Frank Turner)

Jul 19, 2009

Radio Interview

I am ill. I have swine flu. It sucks. I have to stay in my house for the next 7 days.

However from my bed I managed to record a radio interview with Katy Jay from WCRFM and it goes out tonight between 9-10pm on - please tune in and have a listen.

Jul 15, 2009

MTBYTT Digital Release

I like buying physical releases - not so keen on all the digital stuff, I prefer to have artwork and a product to hold when an electro-bomb hits the UK and wipes out everyone's digital music libraries.

That said my album is now available to buy on digital release from iTunes.

It will also be available on a whole host of other eShops soon so I will update you when I get the details.

Jul 9, 2009

ATPRMX004 Polly Scattergood OTE

New remix time!

I actually made this one quite a while ago but have been waiting for the ok to upload it from management and record labels.

The original is by an artist called Polly Scattergood who is a really amazing female eclectic musician and the song is called 'Other to endless' from her debut and self titled album. It was released as a single last year and I really like it. So I asked if I could remix it for her.

I have not actually heard what she thinks of the song but would love to know - so Polly if you read this - let me know ;)

The track (and myprevious remixes) can be heard on my ATPRMX Myspace page.

Hope you all like it.

Jul 6, 2009

Lazy Journalism

As a musician you are often opening yourself up to criticism, be it in your lyrics, your live performances or album reviews.

A few weeks ago promo copies of my debut album were sent out to press contacts for review and I am now playing the waiting game; sitting waiting for those people to review it. You always know and realise that not everyone is going to: a) like your style of music and b) not like your music at all.

The one thing you do hope for (even by someone who does not like) is a well written review after listening to what you actually sent them.

Sadly this was not the case with the first review I read last week.

In Horsham, Sussex there is a paper called The Resident and within that they have a 'journalist' called Ben Morris who 'reviewed' my album.

The title of Ben's review is 'Pigeons album fails to take off' - as you can tell from that it is not a positive one.

When I first read Ben's review I was a little bit shocked at the negativity, but upon deeper inspection it was obvious that Ben had not even listened to my album at all, instead what he has done is merely comment on a few of the tracks up on my myspace page.

I know this as he only talked about two songs 'deathstar' and 'mocha to go', the latter of which is not even on the album as sits on myspace as a work in progress demo. In fact all of the songs on myspace are demo versions - since mixing and mastering the album I have not reuploaded any tracks online. Therefore they are not finished, they are not the final versions that appear on the album and should not be used for the basis of an album review.

The one thing I can't stand with journalists is when they are lazy - for the first half of Ben's review all he has done is pasted my press release as the opening half of his review. Now in my mind PRs are used to give the people reviewing the album a bit of background to the music - not form the basis of 50% of their review.

I do not think people should be allowed to write a review without listening to what they have been sent. I am sure that Ben wrote his review before I even sent him the album and my guess is that it is sitting there unopened.

It is obvious that Ben is not a fan of electronica and he says that I am doing nothing new with my music, that may be true - I am making music I enjoy not trying to create a groundbreaking new set of songs.

I will be writing to and asking him why he chose to write a review of a few myspace tracks and pass it off as an album review rather than listening to my album - which is just that - an album - a collection of songs properly mixed, mastered and ordered as a whole body of work.

It may be the case that even if he did listen to it he would still not like it - thats fair enough but the least he can do if offer an apology for being a Lazy Journalist.

I will scan the review and upload it so you can all read it - and make your comments on it.

Jun 30, 2009

Glastonbury 09

I got back from Glastonbury last night about 8pm. It took 11 hours to get home, 4 of those were spent sat in the car park waiting to get out onto the road. The car was hot, the roads were busy but we made it home safely.

The festival was excellent - one of the best in sometime. There was a really nice atmosphere about the site, the rain was not too bad, the sun was hot and everyone there seemed to be really happy.

I saw beardyman, the mojo fins, lily allen, neil young, the boss, dodgy and blur ... I did probably see a few other acts but they were the main ones. My highlight was neil young and blur. Both of who I love.

Blur I have seen about 12 times and were excellent and Neil Young is an all time hero and it was great to finally see him play. Lovely grungry bassy gritty guitar sound ... mmmmm.

I also spent a lot of time in the circus fields and just plodding around the site.

Today - I am back at work and its horrible. I cant wait till Glasto 2010.

Jun 22, 2009

Help me Flyer....

The above link will open a PDF version of my album flyer - its A4 and has 4 flyers on it.

The reason I have posted this is to see if anyone can print these out and stick them up at local venues, festivals and shows.

There are laws about random flyering so please make sure you are putting them up in legal places. I dont want a fine on my door step.

You will need scissors, tape and an adult to help you.

Festival Time

I am going to Glastonbury Festival this week. Sadly I am not playing - I am just a punter.

One of my life ambitions is to play at Glastonbury and I hope over the next few years I may be able to acheive this.

I first went to the festival when in 1995 when I was 15 years old, since then I have been 10 times, this year will be my 11th time. Its quite strange to think that when I first went I was half the age I am now ... madness.

I am also going to The Big Chill this year which I have never been to but am really looking forward to.

I love going to Festivals and really hope that maybe next year I can play at a few. We'll have to wait and see.

This year at Glastonbury I will be bringing a few ATP albums with me to sell and give to industry type people in the hope they listen and like it.

If you see me there - say hi .... fingers crossed the sun is out.

Jun 16, 2009

Buy My Debut Album - Now .....

Well here it is .... The debut Amongst The Pigeons album 'music to brush your teeth to'.

Officially released on 10.08.09


It's £7.99 and postage (£1uk / £2.50 rest of world)

Jun 15, 2009

MTBYTT : Track tales - pt.4

The final 4 tracks of the debut ATP Album are:

13. Love Pigeons

At one of the cinemas in Brighton lives a couple of pigeons, they are love pigeons and were first seen by my good friend Ollie Barron. These love pigeons sit in the stairwell and kiss and poo on everyone below. It seemed only fitting to write a song about them.

I made the backing track and sent it to Ollie whilst he was travelling SE Asia, he then recorded the vocals on his mobile phone and emailed them back to me in Brighton where I cut them up, added effects and played around with them.

This song was the result.

I am making a video for this song and may well release it as a single towards the end of the year. The video is going to be great so keep your eyes peeled.


A very short little DnB track. The song plays hommage to Brighton through the use of a sample in the song. I made this song whilst sitting on my sofa eating pizza.

15. Wings Wings BeAt

Wings Wings Beat was the title of my first EP released back in 2005. This song is based around a sample from the children's show Pigeon Street in which the lyrics go ' on pigeon street, where sings, wings beat'.

It was one of the earlier songs to be finished for the album and I think it was a very summery feel to it. Quite floaty in its delivery.

The capital A in the song title is there for a reason. The reason for that reason may never be told.

16. The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt.2)

I wanted to close the album with part two of the red lights. Part one is the end of side A and this one in turn closes the whole album.

It features Steph MacGregor on vocals. Go check out her stuff - it's great! We recorded the vocals in my parents conservatory last December.

It was the last song to be finished for the album and that concludes my track tales for this album.

I get 1000 copies of the album back tomorrow and will begin selling it thru the ATP eStore on Wednesday. So please buy a copy and ask your friends, family and anyone you happen to meet in the streets to also buy a copy.

Many Thanks

Cat x

Jun 12, 2009

MTBYTT : Track tales - pt.3

When I made MTBYTT I really wanted to have a definitive A side and B side to the record - as though it were a vinyl release. So side two opens with

09. On A Train (In Holland)

Last year I spent quite a bit of time working in Holland (Tight Ya?) and one day when I left Mrs Pigeons set me the task of starting to make a song at Gatwick and having it finished by the evening. OATIH was the result.

I was happily working away on the track on the plane and on the train when all of a sudden a voice came across saying 'the trains were all delayed' in Dutch. I did not know what to do. So when the ticket lady came along I asked her and recorded her response so that I knew where I was going.

I cut up parts of the conversation and hey presto = I got a song.

10. If You Unwrap The Wrapper You Leave Me Exposed

The longest track title on the album and the second to use a clip found on youtube. In this song there is a South Afrika lady talking about racing Pigeons. There are also Pigeon chants from some other people.

Those aspects along with the backing track is what makes this song. Can you tell I dont have much to say about it?

11. The Trial & The Beats

The trial and the beats was first worked on in Brighton Law Courts. For anyone who has ever been to court you will know it can be very boring. I took my laptop to keep me company.

I have previously written about this song when I did the post about the video for the song.

But to sum it up - the song featues clips from an old animated movie called Hugo The Hippo which is one of the best films ever made. If you have not seen it get yourself a copy and watch it.

The director of the film gave me permission to use the clips.

12. The Old Bill Move Fast

The trial and the beats, the old bill move fast and love pigeons all merge into each other on the album. Its kind of like a mini 3 act play - the trial - the fuzz and the peace at the other end of it all.

The Old Bill features words and the voice of Tim Lay and is basically an extract from his book 'The sewerside chronicles' set to music. I worked with Tim many moons ago and he wrote SSC around that time. It got published last year after he won the Discovered Artists award.

Its a great read and I would recommend everyone to buy a copy from his site.

The song was created on a train back from Bangor and Tim recorded the vocals over a Skpye telephone call.

The final 4 songs will be talked about soon ...

Jun 11, 2009

MTBYTT : Track Tales - pt.2

I did the first four tracks earlier and here come the next four on the album.

05. Bird Flew

Bird Flew is a jumpy beat driven little number. The song features a sample by Beans On Toast. The bass in this song was done by Mrs Pigeons!

I first saw Beans on Toast live years ago when he was supporting Frank Turner - his songs are so catchy, funny and I really wanted to use his track in mine. I sent him the song and he said he loved it and was happy for it to be used.

06. Pavlov's Pigeon

Almost until the album went to press this song was called 'Behavioural Devices' but I changed it at the last minute. The song is one of two on the album that feature pigeon related samples I found on YouTube.

This song is all about teaching Pigeons how to be clever and learn - much like the idea of Pavlov's Dog. The running theme is that "repetition leads to reinforcement".

07. Larkin About

Larkin About takes its lyrics from a Philip Larkin poem called 'Pigeons' and will be the first single from the album - released 03.08.09

The song features Frank Turner on lyrical duties and was recorded in a pub in Copsale in April 08. For those of you that don't know Frank - where have you been?

I made the backing of the song whilst in Holland and sent it over to Frank with some very bad guide vocals - we then met up before one of his gigs to record the vocals.

The track has been approved by the Larkin Estate and Larkin Society and I am hoping it will get some radio play as a single.

08. The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt.1)

Red Lights One was originally just a single track before a conversation with a friend of mine made me realise that it would be good with vocals and so it became a two parter.

This track closes off the A Side of the album and in turn Red 2 closes the album proper.

The title is all about being stuck in a traffic jam on the way home from work when all you see is a line of red lights going down the road and all you want to do is get back home as fast as possible.

Not really sure what else to say about this one - it probably took less that an hour to finish it.

So these first 8 tracks make up side one .... more to follow.

MTBYTT : Track Tales - pt.1

Yesterday I posted the track listing for MTBYTT and a while ago I thought of writing a bit about each track so you, the reader will know more about them when you buy the album and listen to the songs.

Here goes - I think I'll break it down into 4 posts, each with 4 songs .. some of them are probably not very exciting but I'll try my best.

01. Music To Brush Your Teeth To

The opening track has the same title as the album, generally something I dont like but in this instance I think it works.

The track has the voice of Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank on it. Many years ago Rob played one of my old songs on his show and I recorded his voice - it seemed to fit in really well as an album opener. A bit like Mary Anne Hobbs on the Mr Scruff album. Rob gave me the go ahead to use it on the album so I thank him.

The teeth washing and gurgaling sounds were recorded whilst I was in a hotel in holland. And the reason I called the album 'Music to brush your teeth to' is because a lot of my old demos were all 2 mins long - the ideal time to brush your teeth for.

I also use this track to open all my DJ shows.

02. Deep Housey

Deep Housey is a nod to the old school house tracks of yesteryear. It was one of the first tracks I recorded for MTBYTT and took one of the longest times to finish it.

A large part of the song was recorded whilst I was in a hotel reception in Austria following a Ski Trip. I then continued the track on my EasyJet flight back home.

DH was released as a low key download single last year and the song has had a fair bit of radio play since then. The likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and a number of 6 Music DJs have aired this tune.

03. Hold Tight: Brighton

This song was the first ever ATP song - made in 2001? It was originally on my now sold out 'wings wings beat ep' and was called Firefly. I decided to add it to the album as I really liked it and wanted more people to hear it.

The song was featured on a Brighton Council tourisim advert a few years back which is why it got renamed to Hold Tight: Brighton. Which is a nod to the Chemical Brothers song Hold Tight London.

04. Trouble On The Deathstar

People who know me will know that I am a rather large Star Wars fan. This song was another of the really early MTBYTT tracks. Most of the song was recorded and finished in just one day. I had originally hoped to use the actual sample from Star Wars, A New Hope in the song but was pretty sure George Lucas would not allow it.

So I re spoke the lines that Hann says when they first board the Deathstar and rescue the princess. There is also a video for this song kicking around on youtube - the link for that is somewhere in my previous posts.

So thats the first 4 tracks - I'll do the next four soon! Hope you enjoy these little insights.

Jun 10, 2009

Tracklisting for MTBYTT

The CDs will be back next week!

Officially released on 10.08.09 but the record label are letting me sell them as soon as it's back ... so more on that next week.

Before then I wanted to give you the tracklisting for Music to brush your teeth to - it is as follows:

01. Music to brush your teeth to
02. Deep Housey
03. Hold Tight: Brighton
04. Trouble On The Deathstar
05. Bird Flew
06. Pavlov's Pigeon
07. Larkin About
08. The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt.1)
09. On A Train (In Holland)
10. If You Unwrap The Wrapper You Leave Me Exposed
11. The Trial & The Beats
12. The Old Bill Move Fast
13. Love Pigeons
15. Wings Wings BeAt
16. The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt.2)

So there you have it 16 lovingly crafted tracks for your listening pleasure. I may write a bit about each of the songs over the next few weeks, I may not...

Jun 8, 2009

Pigeon Watch 04 : Simon De Glanville Photos

Hi Folks.

To lighten the day I wanted to share these photos with you.
They are by a guy called Simon De Glanville and are totally amazing.

He like me is a fan of Pigeons and i am hoping to work with him in the future on artwork for a future ATP release. I have added links to his website and the Telegraph paper which as a lod more on it.

Political Rant

I don't like Politics all that much - I try not to get too involved.
However I am sick and so disgusted that the BNP have got seats in Europe.

That's all ... :(

May 29, 2009


Last weekend I went to Barcelona to a friends wedding. It was an amazing weekend. I was the best man and also did an ATP dj set. Truely great ... apart from the service I got from Ryanair on the way out there. I wont go into a full rant here (yet) but due to their total uselessness I was still checking in as the plane was ready to take off ... Idiots.

Anyway ...

I got back from Hols to find delays in the CD pressing - the artwork for the CD has been holding up production. Its down to things I dont understand but I HOPE that it is almost sorted and they can begin.

All the envelopes for press and radio are stuffed with the Press Release and all labelled up. So just waiting on them CDs ....

Have a good weekend all x

May 15, 2009


In 2 weeks or so I will be getting my debut album back from the duplication company and will be sending it out to press and radio contacts...I already have a good list but need more.

So I wanted to put out a call to arms - a cry for help.

Do you know anyone who may be able to play my songs or review my album?

Maybe a friend of yours is a Radio DJ, writes reviews or makes podcasts? If so then please let me know as I want to get the album out there to as many people as possible to help me promote it.

The more exposure I can get the better chances I have of making new fans and selling my album....

May 13, 2009

Front Cover

I am sure a few of you have probably spotted this already, but, this is the front cover for 'Music to brush your teeth to' - my debut album.

The album has 16 tracks and I am going to do another post soon with the full track listing and a bit about each song.

May 7, 2009

Ignore That Last One

Last night the album was mixed and mastered for the 3rd time and now it is finished.

I keep listening to it and wanting to tweak it more and more but I realise it is now time to just let go and get it pressed.

Because of this I am shifting the release date back to 10 August 2009, in the hope it will get reviewed and picked up in some of the monthly rags.

I would like to say a massive BIG THANKS to Gav Nicholls who put together the ATP album artwork and Ed Chivers who mixed and mastered the album.

If you know either of these guys buy them a drink from me!
There are a load more people who I need to thank but you can read the liner notes to see all of their names.

So - moving on - the album will get pressed next week - then promotion starts - then it will be out to buy in August.

In all I would say from the date I started making the first track to when it finally comes out the album has taken 2 years ... a very long birth indeed.

I just hope you all like it when its released to the world x

Apr 27, 2009

Release Dates

This week Music to Brush you Teeth to has gone to the printers, well, the artwork has.
The Audio needs a final bit of tweaking but soon I will have some real CDs for you all to buy.

I can now confirm the actual release date for the album and it is .... 20.07.09!

The week before 'Larkin About' will be released as a download single - more on that in the next few weeks.

As you can probably guess it's all go here at ATP HQ - we have found a great new PR company who are doing all the press around the album, they are called Talking Turkey PR.

Jiffy Bags have been purchased, mailing lists are being confirmed and in a few weeks time all the promo copies of the album (inc the single) will be sent out to radio stations, jurnos etc.

Then it is a case of sitting and waiting for July.. .. ..

I will be doing more updates about the single and the album soon so keep reading.

Apr 20, 2009

Don't forget to say hi

Hello ATP Readers.

I have been speaking to quite a few people who read this blog and also know there are quite a few people who pop on by and have a read. Last time I looked there were about 200 or so of you.

So I just wanted to say - if you are reading and wanted to say 'hi' don't feel scared to do so. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Apr 14, 2009

Pigeon Watch 03 : Hawks to scare Holyrood pigeons

Read this on the world wide web earlier and wanted to share:

Falconers are being asked to bid for a £40,000 contract to rid the Scottish Parliament of pigeons.

Following a successful month-long trial last year, Holyrood officials are inviting tenders to provide and handle birds of prey to control the problem.

The contract is to scare off the pigeons and to avoid killing them.

Pigeons have plagued the building since it opened in 2004. MSPs have complained that they were entering offices through the ventilation system.

Hawks and falcons are used at Portcullis House - the office building used by MPs at Westminster, and at Hampden Park.

The falcon contract at Holyrood is for a 12-month period, which may be extended for a further two years - a deal thought to be worth £13,000 per year.

Interested businesses have until 22 April to bid for the work.

Apr 8, 2009


Today I got the go ahead from Faber & Faber for me to use 'Pigeons' by Philip Larkin in my track Larkin About.

This means that I can now progress with getting the album pressed and being able to sell it - and you to buy it!

Got quite a bit to do now such as finalising artwork, sequencing the tracks and getting all the legal info tied up but it's getting there.

I will release more information about the album, single and everything else soon.

Apr 7, 2009

Almost There....

I have been waiting on a few things of late - mostly to do with samples and permissions for tracks on my album. Today I hear that Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank is allowing me to use his voice on the opening track on the album - I am rather chuffed!

So now all I am waiting on is permission from the Philip Larkin crew regards using his poem 'Pigeons' in my track 'Larkin About'. There has been a long story about this one and there are currently quite a few people invloved - the Larkin Society, the Larkin Estate & Faber and Faber; the publishers.

I am hoping to hear back regards this one soon - at the moment its the only thing holding up the album going to get pressed. Once I do hear back it will be go - go - go.

I can't wait to have the album out there for you all to buy!


Apr 3, 2009

Rip Offs and Mastering

It's been a while.

Things have been happening - last night I went round to see my friend Ed in his new flat and we sat in his studio for about 6 hours mixing and mastering the ATP album. I am very pleased to say its almost mastered and sounds amazing!

I am still waiting on some clearance from Faber and Faber to use Philip Larkins poems in the track 'Larkin About'. This is holding up the album somewhat and I am hoping they actually allow the track to be released.

Also at the moment my good friend Little Gav is putting together the ATP album artwork.

So - with all that in hand I am hoping to be able to press the album soon and look to get it out there in shops, online etc in July.

Now .....

A few weeks ago I got an email from Pat Kenedy at a company called Crucial Domains. They have purchased and have asked me if I would like to buy it off them for ... wait for it ... $997!!!


Anyway I wrote to him and basically said his company is a rip off and that cyber sitting on domains is a nasty way to make money.

So I have been thinking - lets all submit the price of $10 as an offer and basically keep wasting their time. If any of you know ways of grabbing back a domain that someone is sitting on please let me know! The link below takes you to the Crucial Domains rip off page.

If anyone wants to email Pat and submit an offer use this address:

Lets try and put the cat amongst them cyber sitting feathers.

Mar 19, 2009

The Old Bill Move Fast

The Old Bill Move Fast by Amongst The Pigeons

Yet another video for you. I admit it is not the greatest of visual treats but the song itself is great. The voice is provided by my friend Tim and the lines are from his novel The Sewerside Chronicles.

Please check out the site and buy the book, it truely is a great read. Especially if you are into music, fighting the system, or just wanted to remember how life used to be before the government locked down all fun.

I am off skiing this weekend - but whilst I am away things will be progressing with MTBYTT and I am hoping to reveal the official release date in a few weeks.

Mar 9, 2009

Who Goes There - The Theme Tune

Some of you may remember a while back I did a post about Nick Griffiths - who wrote the amazing 'In the footsteps of Harrison Dextrose'. We'll alongside that novel Nick has also written a couple of other books about the subject matter of Doctor Who?

One of these books is called 'Who Goes There' and is all about the set locations used in the making of the show. I am currently half way through reading the book and I must say its a brilliant read. Very funny and even if you have no interest in Doctor Who at all you will still enjoy it.

Anyway ... WGT is being turned into an eBook (not a book full of drugs) and Nick asked me if I would like to make a musical intro, a WGT theme as it were. I jumped at the chance and last week I made a few versions - they got sent back and forth to Nick - and after a few edits it was finished.

The track was originally 30 seconds long but Nick enjoyed it so much it became a minute work of art.

I don't have the full details of when WGT the eBook will be out but when it is I strongly advise people to buy a copy as its very, very funny!

I'll keep you up to date with this project - there is also a TV series being filmed and I am hoping I can somehow work with Nick on that project too...

Feb 24, 2009

Mocha To Go?

So last week I made a start on ATPLP2. One of the songs I finished is called 'Mocha to go?' and I liked it so much I have uploaded it to below.

Have a listen and let me know what you think. x

Feb 21, 2009

Draw a line

The week just gone was spent in Belfast, N Ireland.  I was out there with work and spent most of the time in my hotel room making music.  Although my debut album is still not out yet, in my eyes its finished and old.  I need to get it mastered, then pressed, made into cds and mp3s etc, but there is nothing else I need to do.

So this week I started work on the first new ATP songs in about 6 months.  Since last summer I have been tinkering with old songs and wanted to draw a line under getting LP1 out there.

Whilst in my room I started a fresh - a number of clean pages and a whole new story to tell.  It was a productive week.  In all I only finished one new song - a track which was recorded today at Belfast Int Airport, but I also started about another 6.

The one I did at the Airport is going to be called 'Mocha to go' and is a lovely mellow track.  It summed up exactly how my head felt at the time and allowed me to get through 4 hours waiting for a flight.  I played it to Mrs Pigeons when I got home and she said its the best ATP track so far.

The other new ones are in various stages of development, some are 10 seconds long, others 4 mins, but not finished - they are at this stage all demos.  Some of the titles include 'The Latin Word for Amusement', 'You used to be great' and 'To Keep The Night'.

I am dead excited about working on the new record.  Already I think it is going to be a million times better than the debut.  Which maybe I should not say being as it is not out yet and I want you to buy it when it is.

It's late I should be getting to sleep ... :) x

Feb 14, 2009

Love Pigeons - first Radio Play

On Sunday night (15th Feb) my track 'Love Pigeons' is getting its first public airing.

In Wolverhampton there is a radio station called WCRfm which can be found on 101.8fm or online at

On this Radio station there is a DJ called Katy Jay.  And it is her who will be playing the song. So tune in on Sunday night to hear it. Her show starts at 10pm and I'll be on in the first hour.

The song features my good friend Oliver Barron on vocals.  He recorded them on a mobile phone whilst traveling around SE Asia. He emailed them to me to work on here in Brighton.

In the summer I may well be releasing Love Pigeons as a single.  I may not.

But I will be making a video for the song.  Earlier this evening I did a quick casting and found these two actors to be in it:

The full video will be much better - I promise!

Feb 8, 2009

Pigeon Watch 02 : Man tries to smuggle pigeons in his pants

I saw this in the news last week and wanted to share it with you all:

A pigeon-lover ruffled a few feathers today at an airport in Australia - after customs agents found two birds stuffed into his pants as he attempted to smuggle them into the country, authorities said.

The 23-year-old man, who was not identified, wrapped the pair of pigeons in newspaper and concealed one on the inside of each of his legs for the duration of a ten-hour flight from Dubai, the Times of London reported.

Customs officials in Melbourne said he would have escaped detection if they had not discovered two eggs hidden in his pocket and decided to carry out a full body search.

The officers also uncovered seeds inside a money belt stuffed in his bag, the newspaper reported.

Australia has some of the strictest customs laws in the world since importing new animals or plant life could spread disease across the island nation.

Richard Janeczko, who serves as the country's national investigations manager for customs service, said wildlife smuggling "is not only cruel to the animals involved, it poses a severe risk to the Australian environment and the health of the Australian community."

If the man is charged with wildlife smuggling, he could face a maximum penalty of 10 years behind bars and a $72,000 fine.

Feb 7, 2009

Download: Deep Housey

Hello Blog Fans

I have put Deep Housey on iTunes and Amazon as a downloadable single for 79p!

You can help me out by downloading this track and if you have time writing a review, it all helps getting my music noticed.

The debut album will be out on CD and digital formats in June, with a single out in May.

Please forward this onto people you know and basically spread the word.

Thanks as always. Cat x

Click here to buy from Amazon

Click here to buy from iTunes

Jan 8, 2009

The Trial & The Beats

About this time last year I was serving Jury Duty at Brighton Courts. Whilst doing Jury Duty you tend to spend a lot of time sitting around waiting to either go into court or be put on a case.

I spent my time working on some new tracks. There was one track I was working on at the time and I sent Mrs Pigeons a txt to say it was going well. She wrote back saying 'I hope you enjoy the trial and the beats', well, there is a title for a song if ever I heard it.

The track was good but lacked something....

When I was a young boy I was given a VHS video by my parents, it was a cartoon called 'Hugo The Hippo'. Hugo was made in 1975 and has become a cult film amongst its many fans. During the time I grew up I must have watch the film over 100 times and pretty much know the whole thing word for word.

I am not going to go into the whole story of the film here but at the end of the film Hugo gets arrested and put on trial.


The thing that my song lacked was vocals and I thought why not use samples from the trial in Hugo on my song. I re-watched Hugo again and took the sample clips from the film and placed them into my song. It sounded great.

Since finishing the song last year I have managed to get in contact with the director of Hugo the Hippo and sent him a copy of my track and some of the other songs. He is now an ATP fan.

He is called Bill Feigenbaum and he now spends his time painting - This is his website!

Better still if you email him he will personally send you a DVD copy of Hugo The Hippo.


Then this week I finished the last part of the plan. To make a video for The Trial and The Beats using clips from the actual film. And that my friends is what is embedded at the top of this post!

I can not express how much Hugo The Hippo means to me. I love it and think everyone should watch it at least once in their lives. In a small way this is my homage to Hugo and all the people that made it.

I hope you enjoy the track and the video - the song will be on my debut album which is now finished and has been cut down to 16 tracks...more on that soon!

Jan 5, 2009

Coo Thousand and Nine

Hope you all had a good Christmas / New Year. I spent NYE skiing in Les 2 Alps.

A very good time was had .... Also did a bit of work on the album and have been thinking of cutting it down from 18 to 16 tracks ....