Jan 27, 2011

I want your voice

If you have my debut album you will know that the opening track features the voice of Rob Da Bank saying 'Amongst The Pigeons', well I am looking to do something similar on ATPLP2 and also at the start of my new live show.

So here is a request for your help.

If you are able to, please can you record yourself saying 'Amongst The Pigeons' and then send it to me as an audio file (MP3, AIFF, WAV, etc etc etc). I plan on using as many of these as possible in my new live show.



Jan 26, 2011

Time flies

It's fast approaching the end of January and the first month of 2011 will soon be over.

I am still working away on ATPLP2 and progress is good. I have 7 new demos now and will keep making new tracks until I have enough to make an amazing album. I finished 'Throwing Nightmares' last week which sounds like a Sci-fi theme tune.

I have started to become very critical of my own music at the moment and will not accept anything other than brilliant for the finished album. The nice thing is I dont have a label on my back giving me deadlines so at least that gives me the opportunity to take my time.

The other thing I am trying to do is secure some slots at this Summers festivals - but this is proving hard without a booking agent.

So in summary - things are plodding along nicely but will get busier over the next few months.

Jan 17, 2011

Bubble & squeak

Here is a little bit of leftover footage from a Christmas get together.

Jan 4, 2011

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and that 2011 brings you success and happiness.

I had a nice relaxing time and continued to work on the ATPLP2 demos. I now have 5 tracks that are in various states of readiness. I was working on one the other days which is currently called 'owls' but will change to something less stupid.

I am looking to write some lyrics for it and have a few more 'proper songs' on this album (like Larkin About from MTBYTT).

I was hoping to spend some time working on the new ATP:LIVE set but got too into working on new material. I am not actively looking for gigs at the moment but will be accepting some as and when they come along.

I am hoping I can get the rough outline of ATPLP2 finished over the next few months and incorporate some of the new stuff into the live show. So by Summer 2011 its going to sound fantastic.

That seems a long way off but this year is already starting to fly by ................