Dec 12, 2010


ATPRMX009 - JF5 FTF by Amongst The Pigeons

This is my remix of 'The Justice Force Five' track 'Fight The Fight'. I did most of the remix the other week when it was snowing and I was stranded for 5 hours on a train from Birmingham back to Brighton.

Hope you like it :)

Dec 7, 2010

2010 : Re_flection

As I approach the end of the year I always start to reflect on what has happened over the last 12 months in the world of ATP.

I have just be re-reading my similar post from last year and this time last year the main thing I wanted to do was get ATP:LIVE up and running. I am pleased to say that this happened.

2010 has been a rather eventful year for me, it started off slow but picked up in the last 6 months.

In the summer before my back operation I released the 'Repeat to fade EP' this got lots of good reviews but failed to get the radio plays I had hoped for. It always frustrates me how difficult it is to get national airplay.

It was during the recovery of my back operation that I made the 'Flat on me back EP' - a little project to keep me busy during the recovery - but also had a few great ideas on it, some of which will be expanded for ATPLP2.

The recovery of the back operation also gave me time to deconstruct my songs and work out how to do ATP:LIVE.

The first ATP:LIVE show took place in September and following that I did a few other gigs including playing Brighton:Live on the Great Escape Stage which was a real pleasure. Since then I have gone on to support some really cool bands such as Seefeel, Men, Teeth and Small Black.

In November there was the Brighton Music Awards for which I (or rather Maria) won best artwork, again a great achievement and it was nice to be part of a local awards event.

So in reflection 2010 has been a good year and I have achieved a lot, but as always I am hungry for improvement and want to achieve even more in 2011.

What are my aims for 2011?
Well ....

I want to carry on perfecting ATP:LIVE, bringing new songs into the shows and making each show sound better. I want to play gigs outside of Brighton and also do a tour (or two) during the year. I also want to play festivals in the summer and realise this is one of the hardest things to do, but I am determined to get my name out there and get booked for as many as possible.

I have already begun work on ATPLP2 (for those of you who have my debut album you'll already know what its going to be called). I am really hoping to make a big progression with the second album. I have learnt a lot over the last few years and feel that I have created an 'ATP sound' which I hope to improve and develop.

I have three new songs that are being worked on at the moment, these are called 'The Man Who Smiles When Things Go Wrong', 'FutureDeadRockStars' and 'The Inherent Racism of Doves'. All of them are sounding rather good.

The other thing I want to say about these titles is all of them have come from what ATP fans have said on either Facebook or Twitter - I am constantly monitoring what you are saying and if I like the order you put some words in I may nab it for a song title.

The other aim I have with ATPLP2 is that it will get released on a small independent label, once I have finished the album I will be sending it out to see what reception it gets. I also hope to get more national airplay with the singles I release off it.

I am going to keep making remixes - I have a few that I am finishing at the moment and will update the blog when they are done. But I love doing these so if you want one made - get in touch!

So I guess in reality 2011 will just carry on from 2010 as after all the change of year is just another day.

I do hope that over time I can take things to the next level - I want more people to know about ATP and maybe eventually have someone who takes on a management kind of role to allow me to make music and play live whilst they do the other stuff. Who knows.

Anyway - I just wanted to thank anyone who is reading this for their support during TwentyTen and here's to everyone having a great festive time ... x

Dec 6, 2010

Last gig of the year - done

Last night I played my last gig of the year supporting Small Back at Jam, it was a good night and some great other bands were on the bill.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has come to see me play live during 2010, its been a great experience taking ATP into the venues and playing live. I got to support Seefeel, Teeth, Men and Small Black - not bad for the first few months of gigging.

I have big plans for expanding these live shows in the future - next year I want to integrate some new material to keep the shows fresh and to be able to chop and change set lists more. I also want to get to more cities across UK, the main places I want to play are Bristol, Manchester and London - so if you know any good promoters there tell them about me.

Beyond that I really want to form a live band for ATP:LIVE with additional people on Drums, bass, keys and suchlike. That probably wont happen until 2012 - but if you know someone who would like to join the ATP fold let me know.

Anyway ... again thanks to all who braved the elements to see me this year and see you all on the Road in 2011.

Nov 30, 2010

ATP:LIVE #005 - Sunday 5 Dec 2010

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to update you about my next gig (and most likely last of 2010). It's at Jam (again) in Brighton on Sunday 5th December. Doors are at 8pm and I am on early at 8.15pm sharp. So please get down early doors.

Headlining is Small Black and additional support comes from PicturePlane and Nullifier.

Tickets are £6.50 and if you want to come please let me know as I'll have a few 'cheap list' places to fill. Thanks,

Facebook event link

Nov 23, 2010

ATPLP2 - demos

This week I started work on the 2nd ATP album.

I am going to be spending the next 6 months or so making demos and then trying to play them live before eventually re-recording them for the album.

As such there are going to be a fair few demos appearing/disappearing online over the next few months - all which will be free to download.

The first of these demos is available to download from my SoundCloud account. It's called 'The Man Who Smiles When Things Go Wrong' and will be available to download for a week from today.

For updates on these demos check out twitter @atpmusic, facebook and my blog.

The Man Who Smiles When Things Go Wrong (demo) by Amongst The Pigeons

Nov 17, 2010

The Award Winning ....

Last night I attended the 1st ever Brighton Music Awards at the East Wing of the Brighton Center. There were a number of categories such as band of the year, live act of the year, solo artist of the year etc etc etc.

Anyway I was nominated for the Artwork of the year for the 'Repeat to fade EP' cover and am ever so please to say - I WON!

I must also give a MASSIVE thanks to Maria who did the artwork for the EP - My brief was dark and twisted and her artwork captures it perfectly.

I really urge you to go and look at her website and if you need any work doing give her a shout as she is one of Brighton's best up and coming artists.

Nov 4, 2010

ATP:LIVE #004 - Tonight

Hi Folks,

Bit last minute this one, I am playing LIVE in Brighton tonight @ The Prince Albert supporting MEN.

It's £7 to get in but I have some £fiver guest passes so if you are coming let me know.

You can read all about it here on Beakbook.

Nov 2, 2010

ATP Sweat Shop

Some people have been asking me where they can get ATP Tshirts from, to which the answer was - you can't!

But I am pleased to say that I have set up an online sweatshop and if you want a limited edition ATP t shirt you can get one via the link below. There is a man and woman style - both with the same design: "I'mAmongstThePigeons". Both are £12.99 which is not too bad.

I will eventually delete this design and replace it with a new one once they are all sold out.

Happy Shopping >>> ATP Sweat Shop

Please help me by voting

Hi All,

Please can you go to and vote for Amongst The Pigeons. It's for a Ditto Music promotion which can help me win £15k worth of digital help.


Oct 27, 2010


Some of you may remember a while ago I was asking for people to vote for my 'repeat to fade' artwork as part of the Brighton Music Awards. Well I am pleased to say that my ep cover has been selected and made the final three.

I believe the organizers of the awards now decide on who they want to win, which seems a bit bizarre to me, but there you go. The idea of a public vote which is then decided by committee just defies logic. What will the winner be based on? Is there a set criteria? Or will it just be who they like the most based on popularity? Who knows? Not me.

But its nice to get this far.

The awards are in November and have apparently already 'sold out' so I am not even sure if the people who are nominated will be going along?

I will update you all when I hear more.

Oct 21, 2010

Observations of Etiquette

Last night I played my 3rd gig as Amongst The Pigeons. Now that the initial fear has passed I am really starting to get into playing ATP live. I feel more confident to play around with the songs and experiment with effects and noises. It has also promoted me to make some new material as I am already bored with parts of the show and want a few new 'dance' hits to carry the weight.

I was on first last night and was followed by a band called 'Over The Wall' who were brilliant. Its very rare that I see bands I like anymore, but these two guys had some great songs and you could tell they loved playing. Go check them out!

The headline band were called Teeth, and my views on them are probably less positive. The band turned up about 9.15pm, having missed any sound check earlier on in the night. They then preceded to take 30 minutes to set up on stage. All they actually did was build a 4 piece drum kit and plugged a phono-out lead into a MacBook. It was all rather bizarre.

In my opinion bands should respect gigs and everything that comes with them, the traveling, the set up, the sound check, the timings. If you can't be bothered to respect the promoter and the people who come to see you play - why the hell should the respect you?

Anyway ...

I have a brief gap now before the next ATP:LIVE which will be on Saturday 13th November in Brighton @ 4.30pm!. For all the lovely details >>> Click here!

Oct 11, 2010

Brighton Live - the video proof

Last Friday I played the annual Brighton Live Festival on The Great Escape Stage in Hectors House. It would be fair to say it was an excellent gig and I had a great time. Selected highlights from the gig can be viewed in the following video:

I want to thank all of you that came along and if you are up for it, the next gig is on Wed 20 October. @ Jam in Brighton.

Oct 6, 2010

Last minute reminder ... Gig this Friday


Just a quick reminder that I am playing this Friday as part of the Brighton Live Festival.

8PM @ Hectors House - Live Set
Midnight @ Latest Music Bar - DJ Set

Hope to see you there!

Sep 20, 2010

ATPRMX008 - Anna Madeleine 'The Angel'

ATPRMX008 - Anna Madeleine 'The Angel' by Amongst The Pigeons

Here's another new remix for you to listen to and enjoy.

This one is a remix of 'The Angel' by Anna Madeleine, the original is now available to buy on iTunes and Bandcamp as of today.

In other news I did my first ATP:LIVE gig last week in Brighton, it was good fun, slightly bizarre finally taking my music and playing it live, but I am eager for the next one now.

The next gig is on Friday 8 October @ Hectors House as part of Brighton Live - please do come along and join me in some Pigeon dancing.

Sep 13, 2010

ATP:LIVE : This Wed 15th Sept in Brighton

OK, My first ever gig was going to be on 8th October as part of Brighton Live but I got offered the support slot for this gig on Wednesday 15 September.

So I will be playing at Jam in Brighton, Middle Street supporting SEEFEEL and Deadfader.
I am on first so get down early - 8pm ish I believe.

If you are on Facebook there is an event HERE!
And if you want to buy advance tickets you can do so HERE!

Would be great to see you there.

Sep 10, 2010

Secret Rehearsal Footage!

Here at ATP:HQ secret rehearsals are going on for the ATP:LIVE shows taking place in Oct, Nov and Dec. This footage comes from a full practice session that took place earlier on this week. It's just a small taster of what's to come!

Sep 6, 2010

ATP:LIVE #001 : Brighton Live

It is nearly 6 years ago since I started making music as Amongst The Pigeons and I am oh so pleased to announce that I will be playing ATP:LIVE in October.

The first ATP live gig will be part of Brighton Live which is a week long festival of free gigs in the city and I have been asked by The Great Escape to play on their stage on Friday 8th October.

I will be playing at Hectors House which is a Pub on Grand Parade > here is a map.

The doors open at 7.30pm and its free, I will be onstage around 8-9pm. Not sure of the exact time yet but I will update you before.

Later on in the night I am also doing an ATP:DJ SET at the Latest Music Bar from Midnight until you all go home.

So please join me for a night of Amongst The Pigeons. If you are on Facebook you can see the event details Here!

Aug 31, 2010

I still need your votes

Hello, the voting for the Brighton Music Awards is still taking place and I still need your votes.
See the post below for full details.

It costs 50p to vote (via pay pal) and the money goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

I have been nominated for best artwork.

Aug 23, 2010

BMA Voting - I need your votes!

Dear ATP Fans
The Brighton Music Awards are now at the voting stage so I wanted to ask you to vote for me in the best artwork category.
It costs 50p to vote - using paypal (this goes to charity).
What you need to do is:
2. Click on 'Entrants and Voting'.
3. Write 'Amongst The Pigeons' in the 'your vote goes to' box.
4. Write 'Artwork' in the 'category' box.
5. Click the button

Many Thanks ... :)

Aug 10, 2010

ATP News: New EP, New Site & Remix Album

i) As some of you may know, two weeks ago I had an operation on my back to remove a prolapsed disc. Following the operation I had to spend 98% of my time flat on my back, so I decided to use it wisely and make a new EP.

I decided early on to make this a free download EP. Only allowing myself one working day on each track, I’d start at 9am with a blank canvas and by 5.30pm I’d have a finished track.

I made a few tracks and selected 5'ish to form the ‘Flat On Me Back EP’, I am really happy with how its turned out and think there are a few gems on it, and possibly some of my best beats to date.

The EP can be downloaded from ATP BandCamp.


  1. Grouse Hunting
  2. The Science Of Deduction
  3. Before I Die
  4. For God's Sake Help Me!
  5. Troublesome #3
  6. ???

ii) Alongside this new EP I also revisited the remixes I have made for people over the last few years, tidied them up and grouped them together as ATPRMXVOL001.

There are currently seven remixes, but the volume will eventually contain ten tracks. This album is now also available as a free download from BandCamp.

iii) But that’s not all – I also decided that the ATP website needed a bit of a tidy up so I have redesigned the site, it now features a twitter feed and more detailed information on my releases.

I hope you enjoy the new site, the new EP and the remix album.

Cat x

Aug 6, 2010


My back operation was last Wednesday and I am please to say it all went well and I am now resting and recovering.

I am not in as much pain as I thought I would be and have been using the time wisely.

I am not going to say too much just yet - but - expect a few surprises over the next few weeks.
Needless to say I am keeping busy and enjoying relaxing. It makes a nice change from day to day life.

Jul 26, 2010


On Wednesday of this week (28/07) I am having a major back operation. The operation is to remove a prolapsed disc and fit a little gadget in me called a Wallis Ligament.

My back problems started five years ago when lifting a guitar cab badly, at the time my back went in to total spazam and after a few weeks it got better - however it never fully recovered.

A few years ago I went to the doctors and they sent me to get physio at the hospital, but after 3 months of that it did not help. So last year I went back to the doctors and got referred to a specialist.

This 'specialist' told me that I was most likely imagining the constant pain I was in and was a complete idiot, I did get referred for a MRI scan which came back showing actually how bad my back was.

So it was a fair few months ago I got told I would be having an operation and now, it is days away.

I am nervous and not really looking forward to it - the recovery time is 6 weeks flat on my back and it will take 6 months to fully recover from the operation.

However I hope that soon the pain I am in everyday will improve and it will all be worth it.

I'll update you when I am back home after the Op ... :)

Jul 13, 2010


Today is not a good day. I am having a bad day. Its Tuesday 13th July 2010.

Six weeks ago I ordered a sampler and synth from Dolphin Music using the Arts Council funded Take it away scheme. Today I got confirmation that I have to wait another six weeks until I get the synth.

I ordered the latest Roland SH-01 GAIA synth and annoyingly my local shop GAK have them in stock, so I wanted to cancel my order with Dolphin. But because I am ordering it as part of the Take it away scheme I cannot cancel the order.

So I now have to wait and it will be 3 months from when I first ordered the item that I'll get it. It could even be longer.

Its really pissed me off as I wanted to crack on with ATP:LIVE during August after my operation (more on that another day).

I spent half hour on the phone to Dolphin trying to resolve it but there is nothing 'they' can do. If I am totally honest I am sure there is. So I wrote a letter to all concerned and hope that they look at the situation and either release me from the contract or find another way of sourcing the GAIA. Even if it is at their expense.

On the plus side - my 'Catch the pigeon' DVD arrived today which I hope to use as part of the live show...Knowing my luck at the moment the disc will be broken.

Anyway - going to 2000 Trees this weekend - can't wait!

Jul 6, 2010

RTF - Reviews arrive

Hello - here are a couple of reviews to tempt you into buying / listening / etc-er-ing

Sound Advise (Isaac Ashe)
BRIGHTON beatmaker Amongst The Pigeon's Repeat To Fade EP is worth playing over again.
A more sturdy, flowing collection than his eclectic LP Music To Brush Your Teeth To, the six-track release starts slow with ambient Mocha To Go and then progresses nicely throughout.

A little of the comical quirkiness of previous Amongst The Pigeons has been lost, and any song about a waltz such as Michael Jackson's Last Waltz should surely be three beats-per-minute, harrumph.

But nevertheless with tracks like the moody The Darker Side Of... and skankin' The Kids Of Today this excellent collection should be racing into your collection.

Brighton Source (NC)
Post-party mash-up music is the snappy soundbite accompanying this strange release, although anyone hoping to come down gently to its tonal niceties is likely to spiral back into a giddy hallucinogenic whirl.

Eerie spoken vocals vie with dark electronic beats and everyday soundscapes, from Belfast airport to a gaggle of pissed-up teens, creating an uneasy yet wholly compelling package from the deepest recesses of the artistic psyche.

‘Michael Jackson’s Last Waltz’, in particular, sums up what one would imagine a remotely administered overdose might indeed feel like – pretty damn bloody spooky we’d imagine.

Jun 29, 2010

15 Min Mini Mix

Also - last weekend whilst being depressed I was not at Glastonbury I made a little 15 min mini mix. Here is is ... hope you like it :)

Amongst The Pigeons - Mini Mix June 2010 by Amongst The Pigeons


Last weekend was The Glastonbury Festival and for the first time since 1994 I did not go. I was gutted. Added to this upset the England football team crashed out of the world cup. All in all it was a rather depressing weekend.

However! It was also the first ever ATP:LIVE rehearsal. The photo above is of my ATP:LIVE desk with my new ATP logo :)

My set up (for now) is me, my macbook, a roland 404sx sampler and a roland gaia. All of these sit on top of a keyboard stand with pasting table folded up on top. Rock n Roll!

I will admit there is some way to go in terms of perfecting the set but it was great to hear my music coming back at me through the speakers in my music room. I have over 140 samples which make up the beats and vocal samples in the songs and I am re working all the tracks with new synth parts and well ... its just fun doing it.

My aim is to start gigging around October time - I would like to do it before but am having a rather major operation at the end of July which will leave me flat on my back for 6 weeks. More on that in the future.

Anyway - I am feeling positive about ATP:LIVE and my hope is to not only return to Glastonbury as a punter next year but also play there too.

I live in hope ...

Jun 24, 2010

Repeat to Spotify

Repeat to fade is now available to listen to on Spotify.

If you are on Spotify - please help by staring the album and telling all your good friends (and bad ones) about it using networking tools such as Facebook.

In other news I am totally heartbroken I am not at Glastonbury this weekend - I never want to miss one every again.

ATP:LIVE is plodding on nicely and I hope to have some photos and footage available soon.
It will be like that Michael Jackson ' this is it ' film - but without me being dead!

Have a top weekend folks ... Coo x

Jun 17, 2010

ATPRMX007 - Turncoat RP

ATPRMX007 - Turncoat RP by Amongst The Pigeons

Hi Pigeon People.

Another remix has been completed and its linked above from my SoundCloud account.
Hope you like it.

The original song is by a Brighton band who I love called 'Turncoat', please do check them out as they are great. This was their song 'Recovery Position' - its now ATPRMX007.

Plenty more remixes coming up ... once I've done a dozen or so I'll be making a little CDR with them all on for people to buy/download etc.

In other news I waiting for some new bits of kit to arrive which will enable me to work on ATP:LIVE ... fantastic!


Jun 4, 2010

Repeat to iTunes

Ok folks the new ATP EP is now available from the good folks at iTunes. So you can now buy it on CD (recommended) or indeed a digital copy :)

Click to buy here from iTunes!

I have almost sent out the promo copies and look forward to the reviews coming in during July.

Also I have set up a Facebook event for the EP launch - click here!

Please join up and invite your friends telling them how amazing I am ... then hassle people on the radio to play my music. It all helps!

May 18, 2010

Ambition bites the nails of success.

Last weekend I went to The Great Escape 'festival' in Brighton. TGE for those of you that don't know is largely an industry based event in which bands from across the world come to Brighton to play gigs and be watched by delegates and fans.

I went along to a few gigs - the best of which was at The Dome on Saturday Night - I saw Unicorn Kid who I am really liking at the moment. He was supporting Chase & Status who were just amazing.

As such it has not become one of my ambitions to play on stage at The Dome in Brighton. It was just simply amazing watching the artists from the circle and seeing everyone dancing and going mental.

Following TGE I went out to Holland and on my flight back yesterday I was listening to some ATP tracks and working out in my mind how I can finally do ATP Live ... I have started making notes and looking into equipment - it will happen soon and boy oh boy - when it does it will be great.

There are 3 gigs I want to achieve: 1. Playing at Glastonbury, 2. Playing at Brixton Academy & 3. Playing at The Dome, Brighton.

It may never happen but without ambition nothing does.

May 14, 2010

Press / Release (and press again)

It's all go-go-go here at ATPHQ. I have all the EPs back and am currently sending out Press Release's to the Monthly Music Mags - once they are all out its the weekly ones and Radio Stations that need doing - In total there are about 150 Jiffy envelopes to write. Fun Times.

I am also working on some new-new music and it's sounding VERY different - think Classical vs The Streets - kind of .... then divide by folk and you are close.

Anyway - just wanted to say hello to the internet world and get back to this task. Bye x

Apr 27, 2010



Hi Folks - The new EP is officially out on 12 July 2010 but I am selling CD copies of it now!

It's £4.99 & p+p available from my ATP eShop.

Track listing is:

01. Mocha to go
02. Michael Jackson's Last Waltz
03. The Latin word for amusement
04. The darker side of ...
05. The kids of today
06. Urban Garden (pest control mix)

It will be on iTunes etc in July - but if you want a copy now - go for it!

Apr 21, 2010

ATPRMX006 - Wobbly Squadron WYA

I was spring cleaning my Macbook the other day and realised I never uploaded ATPRM006 to the ATP remix myspace page. So I rectified this and added it.

Its a remix I made for the Wobbly Squadron guys and gals and I believe it is going to be a B-Side on their forthcoming single. The original is called 'When You Awake' and my remix is a dark little ditty. To listen to it click the link below.....Ta,

ATPRMX MySpace Page

Apr 16, 2010

The wrong side of the screen

Today is Friday and I am having one of those moments where I sit at my desk and question my working life and how it takes it toll on music.

It almost feels like there is nothing happening with ATP at the moment - but thats wrong - the new EP has gone to get pressed and will be back soon and that means that I need to update my mailing list to send it out for reviews and radio play.

Being an independent artist makes this difficult as I dont have anyone to follow up or contact people on my behalf - so its all down to me. If I dont make the calls or send the CDs then nothing will happen. In thats sense I control my own destiny.

For me as an artist the hardest thing (as with many musicians) is getting that break or getting the CD into the hands of someone who will play it, love it and play it to the world to gain new fans and progress things.

I was on a train the other day and listened to the new EP for the first time in quite a while and I still enjoyed it. I am happier with it than the first album, but I know I have a LOT more to offer and just need time to sit down and create the best music I can. I know its in me and it will happen.

So I will be using my time at work today to update my mailing list - research who is the best new shows, blogs etc to send it to and then get the press release ready for the next few weeks.

If anyone out there reading this knows any radio djs or journalists please let me know as every bit of help i get is needed.

Many Thanks - C x

Mar 22, 2010

Costa Rica

Yesterday I got back from two weeks in Costa Rica. It was an amazing fortnight and a hell of a lot happened - hospitals, theft, broken down cars at the base of a volcano etc.

The downside of the week was Mrs Pigeons passport (and a shit load of other stuff) was stolen and she ended up having to fly back via Spain on a new flight as the US wont allow people to travel through the county on emergency passports. Even though on the way through we had to have our hands, feet, eyes etc scanned and logged. Anyway - I am not going to go into all that.

The country of Costa Rica is beautiful - if you have never been - I suggest going.

I have come back to a flurry of LP1 sales which is always nice and the new EP artwork is all finished - so I can get that sent off to get produced in the next couple of weeks.

At the moment although it seems like years (or months rather) away I think the release date will be August 2010 - There will be a launch party and a whole host of promotional activity.

I have also been writing to some songs - and I mean proper writing with lyrics - melodies - and stuff rather than purely electronic stuff - I think a new 4 track EP of very different sounding material could surface before the end of the year :)

Feb 26, 2010

We move with brave steps

2010 seems to be flying by. It's almost the end of month two and I am pretty sure month 3 is also going to fly by. I am not a massive fan of the post-Christmas pre-Summer time, but today I am starting to get the feeling summer is on the way and is going to be a good one.

Things at ATP towers are plodding along well. The new EP is mixed, mastered and the artwork is being worked on at the moment by my good friend Gav. The plan is to get it pressed ASAP and have it out for sale in the Summer.

One of the other things I have been thinking about is a series of 'Pigeon Parties' throughout the summer - basically little gigs/club nights with all kinds of things going on. I used to promote gigs in the old days so I am looking forward to setting up something new. Exciting!

As always if you know anyone looking for a DJ or a band needing a remix - get them to give me a shout ;) x

Feb 3, 2010

Like a cat in a bag

EP2 - Is Finished!

Mixed, Mastered, Artwork done and its looking and sounding divine .... really nice little EP, 6 tracks and I can't wait to release it .... this wont be for sometime though.

Looking at a June-July release .... but fear not - that time will fly by - between now and then I get to start work on new songs :)


Feb 2, 2010

Next DJ Gig in Brighton - 18th Feb 2010

My good friend Piers is putting on one of his 'Sad Sentry Records Presents....' evenings on Thursday 18th Feb 2010 in Brighton-Hove. At the Cellar venue.

These are great little acoustic type evenings and I provide the music between acts.

This time round there are 4, yes 4! great acts ....

an acoustic set from the brighton six piece with fiddles, beautifully crafted songs and bucketloads of harmonies. like a cross between arcade fire and calexico, but younger and prettier.

Stick In A Pot
three hatted fellows proffering plinky plonkiness with guitars, ukuleles and vocal harmonies.

Ben Marwood
a comrade of frank turner’s, reading’s ben marwood sings songs from the heart, some happy, some sad, all of them lovely.

featuring members of lamp and formerly of good morning captain, intricate instrumental acoustic folky strummings.

Full details can be found by clicking here and going to a facebook event page.

Hope some of you can make it along ...

Jan 15, 2010

Hello America

I was looking at my MySpace stats page the other day and it was rather interesting. Nearly half of the people who viewed my artist page were from the states (USA) which I found really interesting. Alongside that the listeners were mostly males aged 18-24.

How funny.

Anyway - things here in ATP world are currently revolving around trying to book some DJ gigs for the summer and putting together a time line for the new EP release. I am hoping to have it out in June - which is ages away - who knows there might even be another new EP made by then.

The other thing that I keep thinking about is how to make ATP work LIVE. Its not an easy one as I really want to avoid the whole 'just laptop' thing and do something a bit different - in my mind I kind of know how it will work but need £1000s to get the equipment :(

Donations - most welcome ....

Jan 7, 2010

Midwinter Picnic 2010

Happy New Year ATP Fans. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years Eve.

I am delighted to announce that I will be DJing at Midwinter Picnic 2 on Sunday 24 Jan 2010.

MWP is a lovely event hosted by Chris TT in Brightons West Hill Hall. There are loads of amazing acts playing and I will be spinning some tunes between acts to keep everyone entertained.

I strongly advise you to come along and buy your tickets using the link at the end of this post. I am hoping this will be the first of quite a few DJ sets this year, going to try and do some festivals and some VW events later in the Summer months.

MWP is a bring your own booze, drink and food event. A real picnic and a real gem of a day.

Buy your tickets here!