Nov 14, 2013

I'm still here ...

Hope you are well and enjoying the winter chill.  Summer ended all too quickly and launched us into what seems (for me anyway) some kind of eternal darkness.

I wanted to do a quick blog post to let you know I am still here and still doing 'stuff'.

At the moment things may seem quiet on the ATP front, but I assure you - they are not.

I have a whole host of demos which I am tinkering away with and will form some kind of release in 2014.  Alongside that I have also been making a new website. A responsive one!

It's taking a while to get it looking right, but I hope to launch it soon. It will (hopefully) work across multiple devices - be it a desktop, tablet or phone.

I am also working on a new live set for 2014.  I want to make everything I do the best it can be, so I am happy to take a bit longer working on things in the knowledge when you get to hear, see, enjoy them - they will be the best they can be.