May 29, 2009


Last weekend I went to Barcelona to a friends wedding. It was an amazing weekend. I was the best man and also did an ATP dj set. Truely great ... apart from the service I got from Ryanair on the way out there. I wont go into a full rant here (yet) but due to their total uselessness I was still checking in as the plane was ready to take off ... Idiots.

Anyway ...

I got back from Hols to find delays in the CD pressing - the artwork for the CD has been holding up production. Its down to things I dont understand but I HOPE that it is almost sorted and they can begin.

All the envelopes for press and radio are stuffed with the Press Release and all labelled up. So just waiting on them CDs ....

Have a good weekend all x

May 15, 2009


In 2 weeks or so I will be getting my debut album back from the duplication company and will be sending it out to press and radio contacts...I already have a good list but need more.

So I wanted to put out a call to arms - a cry for help.

Do you know anyone who may be able to play my songs or review my album?

Maybe a friend of yours is a Radio DJ, writes reviews or makes podcasts? If so then please let me know as I want to get the album out there to as many people as possible to help me promote it.

The more exposure I can get the better chances I have of making new fans and selling my album....

May 13, 2009

Front Cover

I am sure a few of you have probably spotted this already, but, this is the front cover for 'Music to brush your teeth to' - my debut album.

The album has 16 tracks and I am going to do another post soon with the full track listing and a bit about each song.

May 7, 2009

Ignore That Last One

Last night the album was mixed and mastered for the 3rd time and now it is finished.

I keep listening to it and wanting to tweak it more and more but I realise it is now time to just let go and get it pressed.

Because of this I am shifting the release date back to 10 August 2009, in the hope it will get reviewed and picked up in some of the monthly rags.

I would like to say a massive BIG THANKS to Gav Nicholls who put together the ATP album artwork and Ed Chivers who mixed and mastered the album.

If you know either of these guys buy them a drink from me!
There are a load more people who I need to thank but you can read the liner notes to see all of their names.

So - moving on - the album will get pressed next week - then promotion starts - then it will be out to buy in August.

In all I would say from the date I started making the first track to when it finally comes out the album has taken 2 years ... a very long birth indeed.

I just hope you all like it when its released to the world x