Dec 23, 2008

5 Gold Rings ... 4 Calling Birds, 3 French Hens, 2 Turtle Doves and a Pigeon in a Pear Tree

Hi Folks.

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
All the best for 2009!

I have a feeling next year is going to be a good one for Amongst The Pigeons.
For now I am going to relax, enjoy Christmas then go Skiing for new year.
I can't wait.

See you in 09! The year of the Pigeons!


Dec 16, 2008

the 7TH CARBON LOGIC WINNER has been announced !

Guest judge Jonny Goodwillie (Catskills Records) has been stalling, giving us the run around, ignoring our calls and avoiding us at all costs.

In his own words "All of the top 10 were of an amazingly high standard, I truly feel any of them are deserving of a deal in some form or another, I only wish we could have had 10 winners."

Finally we caught Jonny and painfully extracted his ONE chosen WINNER - ME!

This is what he said about it all:

"To be honest I was gutted to find out just a few days ago that the ATP guys were from Brighton. As soon as I first heard the track I was sure it would be a potential winner, the combination of the electronic production against Frank Turner's vocal was just amazing and I listened to it 4 times back to back. After spending a few days agonising over whether it would be seen as nepotism to vote my winner from my home town, I realised that it mattered not, it's about the music and this is simply my favourite track, and also I see that I can offer ATP a lot of help with the release of their debut album."

So what do I win? The competition prize is two packages worth over £600.00 of professional consultation from The Independent Label Scheme on how to jumpstart my career.

7th Carbon Logic Competition Prize from The Independent Label Scheme;

1. Legal and Business Affairs package:

It's run by Dean Marsh & Co and is aimed at those setting up a new business, whether you are a budding Alan McGee, a new artist, or a manager throwing the dice. We can help you set it up simply and cheaply. We have an initial consultation either face to face or on the phone. We answer any initial questions and provide relevant advice. We show you how to set up a limited company (that involves a fee to a company formation agent of about £100 unless you go the whole hog and do it yourself on the companies house web site). We can supply the necessary agreements (recording agreements, publishing agreements, producer agreements, remixer agreements, band membership agreements, website T&Cs and investment agreements. etc). The package covers up to 2 agreements, beyond that there is an additional fee.

If you are an artist then we advocate that you enter into an agreement assigning the copyright in your recordings and your songs to your new company. This will enable you to use this as your service vehicle retaining ownership of copyright and instead granting licences for fixed periods of time. It can also offer up an investment opportunity in your music. We have developed a new business model to allow you to seek investment in your music by offering a share of the net profits to fans, brand, friends and family in return for a share of the of the profits.

2. Jumpstart package:

ILS will listen to your music then make an appointment for you to see him or call him and discuss everything relating to your planned release. ILS can offer advise on releasing the right songs, guidance on who you will need to work with to make the most of your opportunities, explain how to manufacture your album, offer advice on making sure that your online presence is strong, offer a general description on the different aspects of the music industry and generally making sure you are in shape for the imminent release of your music. ILS is independent of any other company, the advice you receive will be unbiased. After this initial phone call or meeting ILS will draw up a report with their recommendations and guidelines of what you will need to do next including, but not limited to the following…

• A basic A&R report on how strong we feel your music is and what's the best way to proceed
• A guide on how to register your music with the Royalty Societies
• A simple profit and loss spreadsheet so you can understand exactly how much it costs to release your single or album and the expected return
• How to go about getting your record or CD manufactured and potential discounts
• Offer across the board advice on how best to market your release with your budget in mind
• Explain the different ways of plugging your music< • Provide information of different ways of distributing your music • Information on the different digital options to sell your music • How to strategise the release of you record plus timelines to illustrate the different aspects of release in the lead up to the release date

So All in All thats pretty amazing! and I am one happy Cat. 

2009 really could be the year of the pigeons!

Dec 13, 2008

ATPRMX003 - The Collector FLCKR

I was asked by a band called The Collector to make a remix of one of their tracks. The band based in Horsham, Sussex are a fairly mellow acoustic affair, so I was not sure how the remix would turn out.

Simon from the band sent me a load of their tracks to listen to and I picked one called Flicker to remix. The results are now up on the ATPRMX Myspace site - linked below - and I must say I am rather happy with it. Go take a listen.

As always more to come...See you on the other side.

Dec 12, 2008


Two nights ago I recorded the vocals for the final track on my album. Since then I have cut them up, added effects, and done all kinds of things to them. As such I have now 99.9% finished my debut album.

This morning whilst on a very early train up to London I listened to the album all the way through from start to, finish and I must say I am rather happy with it. There are a few tiny little tweaks that need to be done but on the whole its FINISHED!

In the new year I will be getting it mixed and mastered and then getting it put on iTunes (and similar), getting CDs pressed and also making some tapes for all the old school people out there.

At the moment I would say that the album will most likely be available for you to buy around Easter/Spring time! I will do more posts between now and then and may soon give you the full track listing, artwork etc ..... maybe.

I have also been working on another new remix for a local band called The Collector. I hope to have that finished next week so will let you know once I have and where you can go to listen to it.

Until then - stay warm, stay happy. Peace and Feathers!

Dec 1, 2008

Magic People, Pigeon People

On Friday night I took to the decks in a tiny club in Brighton; Tom's Gallery. The night was put on by Brighton promoters Club Mayhem.

My set was due to start at Midnight but started about thirty minutes later after trying to find a power lead for one of the decks. Once that was found I spent a minute getting used to the mixer and then began my set.

I have made a little track that I plan to play whenever I play live or do a DJ set. Its based on the opening track of my album but with a few more beats under it. So I started the set with that and merged it into a brief bit of pigeon sounding circus beats, then some Old Orleans Jazz before uping the tempo with a track called Tension by my heros Orbital.

The following hour took some major twists and turns, focusing on dance, hip-hop and d'n'b for the middle of the set and then towards the end I played some jazzy, soulful numbers, a bit of Disney and some classics like Hendrix and The Beatles.

It would be fair to say that everyone in that little room (probably about 50 people) was dancing their nuts off. I was dancing behind the decks and can't wait to do it again.

Alongside the music I also unleashed the first wave of ATP Pigeon Masks. They were more popular than drugs, people kept asking for more until the first batch ran out. In fact they were so popular that I will have to make more for the next ATP outing and may put the design on my website as a pdf for people to download.

Anyway ... Photos of the night are up on myspace

Hopefully see you at the next ATP outing! x

Nov 24, 2008

They've gone their own way....

I spent the weekend just gone having the above words going round and round in my head. They are part of a sing called Love Pigeons which will be on the album. My good friend Ollie provided the vocals to me on Friday. He is currently travelling South East Asia and recorded the vocals whilst travelling (on his phone), he emailed them over to me and I have been cutting up 7 tracks of vocals and adding effects, moving bits around and making the song sound damn sexy!

When you make music you seem to spend a lot of time listening to tiny bits of the songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. In this case I was working on the last 40 seconds of the track in which Ollie sings 'They've gone their own way'.

I have tried as much as possible to not be there when people record the vocals for the songs. I love the idea of people recording them away from me and then putting the whole thing together. As I say, Ollies vocals were recorded in South East Asia. My friend Tim recorded his vocal track whilst in Spain and others have done the same.

The other good thing about working on Love Pigeons is that once this is finished it leaves me with just one final track to finish and then the album is done. I have (currently) spent just over a year on this album and even though I love it, I cant wait to finish it off and start work on LP2.

I have also been cunning in the way I made this album - the last track I have to finish is the last track on the album ..... so more on that soon!


Nov 18, 2008

All quiet on the pigeon front

It's been a little while since I last did a Blog. The reason for this is that it has been pretty quiet here at ATP HQ. The debut album is pretty much done. I just need to finish of two tracks and have been waiting to get the vocals for them. So once I have them I will do some magical tinkering and hopefully get the album mastered at the end of the year.

But in other news I have purchased an electric drum kit so will be spending a fair amount of time learning how to play drums and try to use this on the live shows and LP2.

Also dont forget I have a DJ Set in Brighton next Friday 28th November - I start at Midnight!

Oct 28, 2008

Demo Review - Rock Migets

I have been sending out a few of my demos to try and get some reviews in order to use them on my press release. Today whilst hunting the net I found my first proper review.

Now I must point out that this review is from a site called 'Rock Midgets' which mainly deals in only rock music. Ruth (the lady that runs the site) warned me of this before I sent the demo but I said I would like to see what the reviewers think anyway.

I have posted the review below.

I think its a fair review but still positive. The CD was listened to and reviewed by someone who likes Rock music and is not so keen on dance.

I will be sending out more demos over the next few months and hope to get one into MixMag via a contact I have made.

Its not often you'll find something championed by Radio 1's Rob Da Bank on these pages, but then music full of these kinds of blips, beats and breaks rarely involve guest appearances and samples from Frank Turner, Beans On Toast or Massive Attack vocalist Debbie Clare. The results of investigating this four track demo are positive; whilst this will not convert the many opposed to button-pushing music as opposed to acts using 'real' instrumentation, the home-made-sounding beats are appealing. Relaxed to the level of chill-out, the layers, skittering beats and radio-transmission samples of excellently titled 'Trouble On The Deathstar' will raise smiles though not the heart rate. The distant sounds of brass add interest to 'Wings Wings Beat'. But it's the odd beats of and haunting singing of Frank Turner that makes 'Larkin About' the highlight. This doesn't rock, but there's something engaging about these ever so slightly blissful tracks that make Amongst The Pigeons well worth keeping an eye on.

Oct 20, 2008

...and straight in at Number One!

In Brighton (the place I live) we have a magazine called Latest Homes. In this magazine they have all of the houses for sale and flats for rent. On the flip side there is another magazine called Latest 7 and a few months ago they started having a music chart for local bands. I uploaded one of my demos and not much happened until last week when upon looking in the said magazine I had reached the top of the charts.

Now this week I imagine I have slipped in the top 10 but wanted to get back up to the top again. So this is where you come in. At the bottom of this post I have put a link to my track on the latest 7 music chart and upon pressing play you can cast your vote.

I thank you in advance!

Click here to listen to Deep Housey and to Vote for me

Oct 4, 2008

(Re)Mixing It Up

By now I am sure you know that I make music. I put it under the general heading of dance music but I dont know if that is a fair description.

I also do remixes for other musicians. So far I have made two. Over time I want to make more as I really enjoy brakeing down all the parts and then putting them back together in an ATP style. It's like creating some kind of DNA monster. Adding bits, taking bits away, changing parts and generally trying to take the work of someone else and adding my style to it.

The first remix I did was for a band called Miss Pain, they are a Brighton band and I made a remix for one of their songs called 'Kiss, Cuddle, Torture.

Then last week I remixed a track called 'Negative Thinking' by a band called Largo.

I have also been asked to do remixes for some other local bands and will be working on these soon. In order to let people hear my remixes I have set up a myspace page with my ATPRMXs on. The link is at the bottom of this post.

The nice thing about doing these remixes is that it allows me to take a break from working on my own tracks. I can do something slightly different, yet similar at the same time.

Eventually I plan on releaseing these remixes as part of an EP or if I have enough maybe a full album. There is also a numbering system to the remixes I make. The first one was called ATPRMX001, the second one ATPRMX002. You get the idea. I like to keep things organised.

I will add blog posts as time goes on to let you know when new remixes appear. But for now check out the two currently online and if you are a band after a remix please do get in touch.

Oct 1, 2008

A date for your Diary : 28.11.08

I was once someone else, I used to be a different type of musician. One that played guitar and sung folky songs. For now that's not me. For now I am Amongst The Pigeons.

Yes it is true that I used to write, record and gig under a different name and whilst doing so I released 9 ep/lps and played over 50 gigs.

I miss playing live and hope to get the Amongst The Pigeons live show ready for early 2009 to coincide with the LP coming out. So if you are a person that books gigs keep that in mind.

Alongside this however I can and do DJ. I have not done a DJ set for quite some time but have been asked to do one on Friday 28th November 2008 @ The Prince Albert pub in Brighton.

This will be the first ATP outing in quite sometime. I will be doing a mix of dance/easy listening and will most likely drop a few of my own tunes in too.

So ladies and gents get your dancing shoes on and come down. There will be more info coming in the next few weeks and the night looks really good - there will be other DJs and bands and I will hopefully be doing a live set there in Jan/Feb time!

I am excited to get getting out .... It's been too long. Way too long!

Sep 24, 2008

Introducing Nick Griffiths

A few months back I got an email from Pete Jones at Radio Reverb in Brighton saying that someone had emailed him trying to get in contact with me. He asked if it was ok to send them my email address. I said Yes.

Some days later I received an email from a lady called Sinead who said that the weekend before she and her husband had been in Brighton and whilst driving home caught one of my tracks on the radio. She said that her husband commented on the track saying 'i like that, we must remember the artist' and then he forgot my name. She knew it has something to do with Piegons and eventually she found me.

She told me it was his birthday coming up and asked if she could buy some of my music, I told her that I have yet to finish the debut album but that I would happily make him a special one off cd with some of my demos - a kind of work in progress.

So I made a little cd and sent it off. She in turn wanted to send me a thank you present and one day I got a book in the post. It was the first novel by her husband; Nick Griffiths entitled ' In the footsteps of Harrison Dextrose'.

I took this book on holiday with me this summer and truely loved it. It was really funny, very surreal and just amazing.

Since then I have been in touch with Nick a few times and it would be fair to say that he is a big Dr Who fan. He has already written one book (Dalek I loved you) about the Dr and has a new book coming out soon called 'Who goes there'. I sent him an early demo of one of my new songs as it has some Dr Who samples going on and he liked it so much he wrote a blog about me.

So I am using this post to tell more people about Nick and his writing. Please do go and check out his website and buy, steal, borrow his books as they are great.

Nicks Website can be found here!

Sep 22, 2008

Inspiration Comes From

At the weekend I got the new album by The Streets entitled 'everything is borrowed'. I have been listening to it a lot today and really like it.

I first took note of the The Streets when they released 'has it come to this' and later the album 'original priate material'. This was quite a few years ago and for a long time I love that album. The idea that one guy had pretty much made such an amazing album on this computer by himself was an inspiration. I think The Streets are one of those bands you either get or you don't. I do.

Mike Skinner is an amazing poet and the first two album are filled with some really great gems. I did not buy the third album as what I had heard of it was shit and many people I knew disproved of it. That said you should never listen to your friends, journalists or anyone with music - make up your own mind.

So now Mike Skinner has just put out the 4th Streets album and its quite different from the first two as its made up of songs played by a live session band. From what I gather Mike said 'I want you guys to make a sound like this' and they did. It sounds cool hearing The Streets in this way as it gives is a more wholesome feel.

I saw The Streets like a month or so ago on Brighton beach with this new backing band and even the older songs sounded so much better. Part of me wishes that they would release a live album, but I don't think they ever sound as good on record.

My point of all this?

Well, at the moment Amongst The Pigeons is me making music on my laptop and eventually I would like to be able to both play it live and record new songs with a real band of musicians. For me this seems a long way off but it is a dream, a hope I have that one day I can do it.

If you have not listened to it yet check out the new The Streets album.

Sep 19, 2008

Don't blow your cover

This week I have been working up in London at Waterloo. This involved getting up extra early and sitting on the train for hours everyday. Although this can be quite boring I used the time to work on Music To Brush Your Teeth To.

I am pleased to say that now 16 of the 18 tracks are finished. The two that need work on are ones which other people are providing guest vocals for. So I have to wait for them to free up some time and come back from other lands to finish these.

This week I also spent some time working on the artwork for the album and I am pleased to say I have finished the cover and cd face. I was going to post a preview of them on here but think I will wait until nearer the actual release which now looks like it will be early 2009.

It will be mixed and mastered at the end of the year and all in all I am so excited about getting it out there.

Ok ... that's all really for now. I have loads I want to say but don't want to bore you.

Sep 12, 2008

Amongst The Visions

For quite a while I have wanted to make some music videos for my songs and last night I finally got round to doing the first one. It is for a track called Trouble on the Deathstar which will be track 4 on Music to Brush Your Teeth To.

At the moment I think my debut LP MTBYTT will not be released until 2009. I only have about 3 songs to finish, (the album has got 18 tracks on it) and once they are done I would like to give a few copies of the album to my close friends to listen to. I wont listen to it for a month and then revisit it to make sure the songs sound as good as they can be.

Whilst in bed last night I thought I may one day explain a bit about each of the 18 songs in the form of blogs, maybe I will do that during the winter months.

Anyway more on MTBYTT at a later date - for now its all about this video which, is the first of 18 I intend to make - one for each track on the album.

People who know me (yes some people do) will know that I am a Massive Star Wars fan and this track is a kind of tribute to that fact. I dont want to write too much about the track as I will do that during the 'track blogs' later in the year. The video basically features footage borrowed from Episode IV A New Hope and focuses on the destruction of Alderan and then the destruction of the DeathStar V1.

I quite like the way you see the Deathstars power and potential in the destruction of a whole planet, and then its weakness via an isolation duct, I mean come on. If you were building the Deathstar you would make sure it had no weaknesses, let alone one that was so easy to attack.

I digress .... as I so often do.

Here is the video (embedded from my youtube site) and I hope you like it

Sep 11, 2008

Who Am I?

Hello Blog Lovers

I was looking around the vast seas of the internet earlier trying to see where I am on Google listings and I came across a Blog by a lady who likes cats and is called Fabpanted Emily. The reason I am writing about this is that she has actually written a post about me, as in Amongst The Pigeons.

I feel rather flattered that someone has taken the time to write about me in a most positive manner. I think the main jist of the post was to hazard a guess at my identity.

It is true that the internet has come up with a few random suggestions such as Moby, Mylo and even Britney Spears. All of which are flattering but far from the truth.

I have posted Emily Fabpants blog link below, so please go and have a look for a more detailed version of her writing. I myself may comment on the post.

But as for who I really am ... well that can wait.

Sep 10, 2008

Pigeon Watch 01 : Who let the bird in?

As part of this blog I plan on having a kind of 'Pigeon Watch' thing going on where I will add posts about pigeon related matters in Brighton, Uk and beyond.

This may include photos, stories and silly little things like the text below. You see I work in an office during the day so that I can afford to live as my musical career is yet to take off (as in fly - bird - pigeon) and last weekend someone left a window open in the gents toilets so today this appeared in my inbox from the boss:

Please do not open the window in the Gents, it was opened and left open last weekend an a pigeon got in and crapped everywhere.
This is a health hazard and also a potential security threat (not the pigeon - but the wide open window).
I suggest that if you need to increase the ventialtion (for obvious reasons) then you switch on the lights which will activate the extract fan.

It made me smile. I did not leave the window open but do often hear the pigeons outside. There will be more Pigeon Watch blogs over time.

Sep 8, 2008

My press [re] lease

Hi again, its me ... I thought I would post my current press release below in case anyone would like to know more about me, what I do, why and how I do it.

CAT got your ear?..

Based in Brighton, Amongst the Pigeons is a place inhabited by soaring loops and the beating of electronic wings. Discovered in early 2005 via the talk-speak places internet people huddle, ATP grew forth.

Radio One’s Rob Da Bank was quick to champion tracks (Firefly and the classic la la la la la laa song) from seminal EP release, ‘wings wings: beat’, which also slunk their way onto XFM, Juice, WCRfm, and Radio Reverb.

Contrary to the posters that have appeared on Brighton streets, CAT was not lost - just hiding, honing, purrfecting…

DJ slots and remixes for upwardly mobile Brighton musical outfits - Miss Pain, Largo & End of Level Baddie - have provided whisker fuelled entertainment since 2006, as has extensive beat-mongering in aid of ATP’s first full length LP.

‘Music to brush your teeth to’ (completed summer 2008) features 18 tracks of blips, beats, samples and some rather special guests, such as Frank Turner, Beans on Toast and Massive Attack vocalist, Debbie Clare.

With samplers being played out to general satisfaction on XFM, Radio 6 Music and Mary Anne Hobbs’s experimental show and a tour being lined up for early 2009, CAT is currently seeking a label to release this new LP into the wild…

Flutter, flutter, miaow, miaow..

First Up


This is all a bit new to me, I have been locked away in a studio for years making my debut album 'music to brush your teeth to' and someone said to me 'hey cat (thats me!), you should start a blog and let people know what you are up to'.

I told them that I did already have a blog on myspace but they said being as I have just got a new domain (web) and that I will soon be making a proper website I should include this on there.

So I thought to myself, why the hell not?

For those of you that dont know me I will do some more posts over the next few days, weeks, months and even years that will help you to know me better. But all you need to know for now is that I am someone that makes music, dance music and I do that in Brighton.

The myspace listed above has my demos on and if you like them you can go to and download them from there, for free!

Also if you do like them please tell your friends and get them to listen and download, if you know people in the music industry send them my way as I am looking for gigs and labels to help me release my debut lp.

Anyway I have a day job and I should probably get back to that. More from me later.

Cat x