Jun 29, 2010

15 Min Mini Mix

Also - last weekend whilst being depressed I was not at Glastonbury I made a little 15 min mini mix. Here is is ... hope you like it :)

Amongst The Pigeons - Mini Mix June 2010 by Amongst The Pigeons


Last weekend was The Glastonbury Festival and for the first time since 1994 I did not go. I was gutted. Added to this upset the England football team crashed out of the world cup. All in all it was a rather depressing weekend.

However! It was also the first ever ATP:LIVE rehearsal. The photo above is of my ATP:LIVE desk with my new ATP logo :)

My set up (for now) is me, my macbook, a roland 404sx sampler and a roland gaia. All of these sit on top of a keyboard stand with pasting table folded up on top. Rock n Roll!

I will admit there is some way to go in terms of perfecting the set but it was great to hear my music coming back at me through the speakers in my music room. I have over 140 samples which make up the beats and vocal samples in the songs and I am re working all the tracks with new synth parts and well ... its just fun doing it.

My aim is to start gigging around October time - I would like to do it before but am having a rather major operation at the end of July which will leave me flat on my back for 6 weeks. More on that in the future.

Anyway - I am feeling positive about ATP:LIVE and my hope is to not only return to Glastonbury as a punter next year but also play there too.

I live in hope ...

Jun 24, 2010

Repeat to Spotify

Repeat to fade is now available to listen to on Spotify.

If you are on Spotify - please help by staring the album and telling all your good friends (and bad ones) about it using networking tools such as Facebook.

In other news I am totally heartbroken I am not at Glastonbury this weekend - I never want to miss one every again.

ATP:LIVE is plodding on nicely and I hope to have some photos and footage available soon.
It will be like that Michael Jackson ' this is it ' film - but without me being dead!

Have a top weekend folks ... Coo x

Jun 17, 2010

ATPRMX007 - Turncoat RP

ATPRMX007 - Turncoat RP by Amongst The Pigeons

Hi Pigeon People.

Another remix has been completed and its linked above from my SoundCloud account.
Hope you like it.

The original song is by a Brighton band who I love called 'Turncoat', please do check them out as they are great. This was their song 'Recovery Position' - its now ATPRMX007.

Plenty more remixes coming up ... once I've done a dozen or so I'll be making a little CDR with them all on for people to buy/download etc.

In other news I waiting for some new bits of kit to arrive which will enable me to work on ATP:LIVE ... fantastic!


Jun 4, 2010

Repeat to iTunes

Ok folks the new ATP EP is now available from the good folks at iTunes. So you can now buy it on CD (recommended) or indeed a digital copy :)

Click to buy here from iTunes!

I have almost sent out the promo copies and look forward to the reviews coming in during July.

Also I have set up a Facebook event for the EP launch - click here!

Please join up and invite your friends telling them how amazing I am ... then hassle people on the radio to play my music. It all helps!