Feb 24, 2009

Mocha To Go?

So last week I made a start on ATPLP2. One of the songs I finished is called 'Mocha to go?' and I liked it so much I have uploaded it to MySpace...link below.

Have a listen and let me know what you think. x


Feb 21, 2009

Draw a line

The week just gone was spent in Belfast, N Ireland.  I was out there with work and spent most of the time in my hotel room making music.  Although my debut album is still not out yet, in my eyes its finished and old.  I need to get it mastered, then pressed, made into cds and mp3s etc, but there is nothing else I need to do.

So this week I started work on the first new ATP songs in about 6 months.  Since last summer I have been tinkering with old songs and wanted to draw a line under getting LP1 out there.

Whilst in my room I started a fresh - a number of clean pages and a whole new story to tell.  It was a productive week.  In all I only finished one new song - a track which was recorded today at Belfast Int Airport, but I also started about another 6.

The one I did at the Airport is going to be called 'Mocha to go' and is a lovely mellow track.  It summed up exactly how my head felt at the time and allowed me to get through 4 hours waiting for a flight.  I played it to Mrs Pigeons when I got home and she said its the best ATP track so far.

The other new ones are in various stages of development, some are 10 seconds long, others 4 mins, but not finished - they are at this stage all demos.  Some of the titles include 'The Latin Word for Amusement', 'You used to be great' and 'To Keep The Night'.

I am dead excited about working on the new record.  Already I think it is going to be a million times better than the debut.  Which maybe I should not say being as it is not out yet and I want you to buy it when it is.

It's late I should be getting to sleep ... :) x

Feb 14, 2009

Love Pigeons - first Radio Play

On Sunday night (15th Feb) my track 'Love Pigeons' is getting its first public airing.

In Wolverhampton there is a radio station called WCRfm which can be found on 101.8fm or online at http://wcrfm.com.

On this Radio station there is a DJ called Katy Jay.  And it is her who will be playing the song. So tune in on Sunday night to hear it. Her show starts at 10pm and I'll be on in the first hour.

The song features my good friend Oliver Barron on vocals.  He recorded them on a mobile phone whilst traveling around SE Asia. He emailed them to me to work on here in Brighton.

In the summer I may well be releasing Love Pigeons as a single.  I may not.

But I will be making a video for the song.  Earlier this evening I did a quick casting and found these two actors to be in it:

The full video will be much better - I promise!

Feb 8, 2009

Pigeon Watch 02 : Man tries to smuggle pigeons in his pants

I saw this in the news last week and wanted to share it with you all:

A pigeon-lover ruffled a few feathers today at an airport in Australia - after customs agents found two birds stuffed into his pants as he attempted to smuggle them into the country, authorities said.

The 23-year-old man, who was not identified, wrapped the pair of pigeons in newspaper and concealed one on the inside of each of his legs for the duration of a ten-hour flight from Dubai, the Times of London reported.

Customs officials in Melbourne said he would have escaped detection if they had not discovered two eggs hidden in his pocket and decided to carry out a full body search.

The officers also uncovered seeds inside a money belt stuffed in his bag, the newspaper reported.

Australia has some of the strictest customs laws in the world since importing new animals or plant life could spread disease across the island nation.

Richard Janeczko, who serves as the country's national investigations manager for customs service, said wildlife smuggling "is not only cruel to the animals involved, it poses a severe risk to the Australian environment and the health of the Australian community."

If the man is charged with wildlife smuggling, he could face a maximum penalty of 10 years behind bars and a $72,000 fine.

Feb 7, 2009

Download: Deep Housey

Hello Blog Fans

I have put Deep Housey on iTunes and Amazon as a downloadable single for 79p!

You can help me out by downloading this track and if you have time writing a review, it all helps getting my music noticed.

The debut album will be out on CD and digital formats in June, with a single out in May.

Please forward this onto people you know and basically spread the word.

Thanks as always. Cat x

Click here to buy from Amazon

Click here to buy from iTunes