May 18, 2010

Ambition bites the nails of success.

Last weekend I went to The Great Escape 'festival' in Brighton. TGE for those of you that don't know is largely an industry based event in which bands from across the world come to Brighton to play gigs and be watched by delegates and fans.

I went along to a few gigs - the best of which was at The Dome on Saturday Night - I saw Unicorn Kid who I am really liking at the moment. He was supporting Chase & Status who were just amazing.

As such it has not become one of my ambitions to play on stage at The Dome in Brighton. It was just simply amazing watching the artists from the circle and seeing everyone dancing and going mental.

Following TGE I went out to Holland and on my flight back yesterday I was listening to some ATP tracks and working out in my mind how I can finally do ATP Live ... I have started making notes and looking into equipment - it will happen soon and boy oh boy - when it does it will be great.

There are 3 gigs I want to achieve: 1. Playing at Glastonbury, 2. Playing at Brixton Academy & 3. Playing at The Dome, Brighton.

It may never happen but without ambition nothing does.

May 14, 2010

Press / Release (and press again)

It's all go-go-go here at ATPHQ. I have all the EPs back and am currently sending out Press Release's to the Monthly Music Mags - once they are all out its the weekly ones and Radio Stations that need doing - In total there are about 150 Jiffy envelopes to write. Fun Times.

I am also working on some new-new music and it's sounding VERY different - think Classical vs The Streets - kind of .... then divide by folk and you are close.

Anyway - just wanted to say hello to the internet world and get back to this task. Bye x