Mar 19, 2009

The Old Bill Move Fast

The Old Bill Move Fast by Amongst The Pigeons

Yet another video for you. I admit it is not the greatest of visual treats but the song itself is great. The voice is provided by my friend Tim and the lines are from his novel The Sewerside Chronicles.

Please check out the site and buy the book, it truely is a great read. Especially if you are into music, fighting the system, or just wanted to remember how life used to be before the government locked down all fun.

I am off skiing this weekend - but whilst I am away things will be progressing with MTBYTT and I am hoping to reveal the official release date in a few weeks.

Mar 9, 2009

Who Goes There - The Theme Tune

Some of you may remember a while back I did a post about Nick Griffiths - who wrote the amazing 'In the footsteps of Harrison Dextrose'. We'll alongside that novel Nick has also written a couple of other books about the subject matter of Doctor Who?

One of these books is called 'Who Goes There' and is all about the set locations used in the making of the show. I am currently half way through reading the book and I must say its a brilliant read. Very funny and even if you have no interest in Doctor Who at all you will still enjoy it.

Anyway ... WGT is being turned into an eBook (not a book full of drugs) and Nick asked me if I would like to make a musical intro, a WGT theme as it were. I jumped at the chance and last week I made a few versions - they got sent back and forth to Nick - and after a few edits it was finished.

The track was originally 30 seconds long but Nick enjoyed it so much it became a minute work of art.

I don't have the full details of when WGT the eBook will be out but when it is I strongly advise people to buy a copy as its very, very funny!

I'll keep you up to date with this project - there is also a TV series being filmed and I am hoping I can somehow work with Nick on that project too...