Sep 17, 2012

Finding where I belong...

The weekend is over and it was enjoyable.  I did two very different gigs on Saturday and Sunday and it has left me thinking where exactly do I fit into the live music world.

I'll rewind 48 hours and I was preparing for my set at this years Southsea Fest.  A one day music event in Southsea, Portsmouth.

My slot was at 1pm in the Social Club, not the normal time or place for a electro-dance set, but I had fun.  Although it was a tough crowd to play for I gave it my all and came of stage sweatier than I have ever been before.

At the end of my set there was at least a dozen people who came up and talked to me saying how much they enjoyed the show and went away with CDs.

I give my all to my live shows - I lose myself in the music, dance around stage like a madman and even if one person appreciates what I have done - I leave happy.

Then last night, Sunday - I played at The Green Door store in Brighton as a musical interlude as part of the Brighton Digital Festival.  It was a 'flash fiction' night and I played to a room of people who were sat down and largely there to hear short stories.

Again I had fun and before I played the compare read my press release which states 'ATP defines a sound that only they fit into'.  This made me think about my music and where I do belong.

At heart I am an electronic music producer who loves playing live shows and taking my sound out to as many people as I can reach.

In my mind I should be playing as support to acts like Orbital, The Chemical Brothers and other such acts.  I should be playing in late night clubs and dark rooms where people come to dance.

I want to be on festival line ups after the midnight hours and allowing my beats and swoops to fly through the night sky.

I want to make people dance and have as much fun as I am having on stage .....

I plan to keep working towards this dream .... I will never stop.  I don't sit in my shed for hours on end to just make tracks, I want them to be heard LIVE on stage.

I would play any gig, anywhere and happily sit on a line up with rock bands, acoustic artists and electro acts alike. 

Sep 3, 2012

Empties - New Video

Empties is the third single to be released from 'Get Amongst It'.

It features the very excellent Chris T-T on vocals and will be released on 17th September.

You can buy the single from -

iTunes  - single track - 79p

Bandcamp - featuring 3 extra tracks - £1