Feb 26, 2010

We move with brave steps

2010 seems to be flying by. It's almost the end of month two and I am pretty sure month 3 is also going to fly by. I am not a massive fan of the post-Christmas pre-Summer time, but today I am starting to get the feeling summer is on the way and is going to be a good one.

Things at ATP towers are plodding along well. The new EP is mixed, mastered and the artwork is being worked on at the moment by my good friend Gav. The plan is to get it pressed ASAP and have it out for sale in the Summer.

One of the other things I have been thinking about is a series of 'Pigeon Parties' throughout the summer - basically little gigs/club nights with all kinds of things going on. I used to promote gigs in the old days so I am looking forward to setting up something new. Exciting!

As always if you know anyone looking for a DJ or a band needing a remix - get them to give me a shout ;) x

Feb 3, 2010

Like a cat in a bag

EP2 - Is Finished!

Mixed, Mastered, Artwork done and its looking and sounding divine .... really nice little EP, 6 tracks and I can't wait to release it .... this wont be for sometime though.

Looking at a June-July release .... but fear not - that time will fly by - between now and then I get to start work on new songs :)


Feb 2, 2010

Next DJ Gig in Brighton - 18th Feb 2010

My good friend Piers is putting on one of his 'Sad Sentry Records Presents....' evenings on Thursday 18th Feb 2010 in Brighton-Hove. At the Cellar venue.

These are great little acoustic type evenings and I provide the music between acts.

This time round there are 4, yes 4! great acts ....

an acoustic set from the brighton six piece with fiddles, beautifully crafted songs and bucketloads of harmonies. like a cross between arcade fire and calexico, but younger and prettier.

Stick In A Pot
three hatted fellows proffering plinky plonkiness with guitars, ukuleles and vocal harmonies.

Ben Marwood
a comrade of frank turner’s, reading’s ben marwood sings songs from the heart, some happy, some sad, all of them lovely.

featuring members of lamp and formerly of good morning captain, intricate instrumental acoustic folky strummings.

Full details can be found by clicking here and going to a facebook event page.

Hope some of you can make it along ...