Jun 24, 2013

BOING - The new ATP Single (video and pre-order links)

Hello Ladies and Gents.

I'm pleased to share my new single and video with you.  The single is called 'Boing' and will be out in a couple of weeks.

I made a video for it a few weeks back on Brighton Pier and you can watch that above.

The single is backed with a new song called 'Version One' which is a real summer treat.

I hope you enjoy the new songs and please do pre-order, share, dance and enjoy it all.

Buy Boing & Version One here

ps - There is lots more going on in the ATP camp - some very exciting stuff coming up - but today is all about Boing ....

Jun 14, 2013

New Demo > N844AA

It's still 1 month to go until the new ATP single 'Boing' is released. But fear not, I have been working on more new music and there is lots going on behind the scenes at the moment.

This week I set myself a challenge of making a new song during my lunch hours. So on Monday - Thursday this week I sent about 45 minutes each day sat in the Jubilee Library in Brighton working on a new tune.

The result is a track called 'N844AA' - it is still largely in demo form - but I was pleased with how it turned out and wanted to share it with you. Long term I will do more work on it and it may evolve - but for now here it is : Also - for those interested in the name of the track - it relates to a 727 jet which was stolen in May 2003 and never found - more info can be found here.