Dec 16, 2011

new ATP site is up

I managed to finished the new look ATP website and its now on-line.

There are a few bugs and teething issues which I will work on next week but on the whole it's looking good and I'm rather happy with it. It even looks good on my iPhone!

If you notice anything major with it - leave a comment here and I will rectify it.

Dec 8, 2011

Reflection & Aims

It's reaching the end of 2011 and as always around this time of the year, I like to review my 'reflection/aims' post from last year and set new aims for the upcoming year.

This year has been good - I got to play some great gigs such as The Great Escape, Secret Garden Party and even Glastonbury. I also got to support Dodgy!

But I did not meet a lot of the aims I set out - I wanted to do a tour, I wanted to play more gigs and I had originally hoped to release ATPLP2 in 2011. That said - I have been busy.

I decided that I would make ATPLP2 the best it could be and that meant not rushing it.

I wanted time for the tracks to grow and expand organically, I made about 12 different versions of the album, dropping the tracks that were not good enough, continually tweaking it and perfection it over 1000 listens.

The album is currently being Mastered and I am really, REALLY happy with how it sounds. I cannot wait for you (the humble public) to hear it, which will happen in April 2012.

This brings me nicely onto my aims for 2012:

ATPLP2 & singles
I guess the biggest thing about next year will be the release of my second album.

As I said before I am so happy with it and really hope that it is liked by the public. It will be released in April 2012 and is preceded by a single in March 2012.

I am going to be working really hard over the next 3 months to promote this album and its singles to ensure as many people as possible hear it and ultimately buy it.

I have put so much work and effort into the album over the last 2 years and just hope that all the love and attention I have given it is recognised.

There will be 3 singles released off the album in March, June and August - so there is lots of promotion to get the album recognised.

Lot's more on ATPLP2 in the new year.

I have only done 14 gigs so far as ATP. I have played some great places but still want to play more. One of the things I most want to do is go on tour - even if its just a week long tour at some of the major cities in UK.

The other thing I want to do is radically change the way I perform live. I know how I want the set to be, but it's not there yet. I need more equipment and possibly expand the live personnel over the next few years.

So for 2012 - I want more gigs - bigger audiences and you to come and watch me play.

That's it really...

In 2012 I would like the new album to do well, I would like to play more gigs and I would like to continue to build my following.

To aid this I have been building a new (v3) website - it's not finished yet but I thought I would leave you with a sneak peek. Hopefully it will all be up and running for the new year.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this year! Hope you all have a fantastic festive time :) x

Nov 25, 2011

Lights, Camera - Pigeons

Been busy over the last few weeks.

I can now confirm all recording and mixing on ATPLP2 is FINISHED!
This is a rather massive milestone for me as it means the process of making music is now finished.

Next week I am going to a local studio to discuss Mastering the tracks - another great milestone.

On Wednesday evening I headed out into the cold, blustery Brighton night and did a photo shoot. I have never done a proper photo shoot before and I am totally and utterly over the moon with the results. The photos were taken by the very talented Anna Richardson and will be used for promo when the album comes out and inside the album sleeve. I added a little sneak peek here for you!

So what's next - well, I will get the album mastered over the next few months and am planning to release the album next April/May with a single out in March.

I already know what the 1st single will be and I am going to be working my arse off to get it into the hands of the people that matter. There will be a video made for this over the winter months.

In many ways ATP will be hibernating over December - but work is going on, plans are being plotted and I am really REALLY looking forward to 2012!

Oct 18, 2011

Gigs with Grasscut, Dodgy and Album news

I have a couple of gigs coming up over the next few weeks so have dusted off the live equipment and plan to do some practice before they happen.

First up I am supporting GrassCut who are NinjaTune artists - the gig is at The Blind Tiger in Brighton this coming Sunday. I'm on at 9pm > Facebook Event.

Then there is the Dodgy gig on Friday 4th November. For this one I am selling tickets.

I hope you can make it along.

OK - So onto the album ... as you know I have been recording ATPLP2 for the last 18months and I am pleased to say all recording is now finished. My plan is to do a final mix of the album over the next month and then sit on it for a month or so.

Then I will listen to it again (after a break) and if it's still to my liking I will begin getting it mastered.

Still no idea when or how it will be released - but on the whole I REALLY cannot wait for people to hear it.

Oct 14, 2011

...supporting Dodgy

ATP will be supporting Dodgy on Friday 4th November at Concorde2 in Brighton. On Stage at 7.30pm...

I have an allocation of tickets to sell at £12 - which is cheaper than the venue. Use the link below to buy from me.

This is an 'early' 7-10 show and will most likely be my last of 2011, so hope you can make it.


Sep 21, 2011

Smokey Joe - RIP

Smokey Joe

On Monday evening my cat Smokey was hit by a car near my house and sadly passed away.

I was in the middle of making a new song and it seems fitting to dedicate it to him. He was after all the true Cat Amongst The Pigeons.

He will be missed greatly - RIP little man.

Smokey Joe by Amongst The Pigeons

Sep 5, 2011

Throwing Nightmares

This song will feature on ATPLP2 and is one of my favourite's on the album

Aug 16, 2011


It has been quite a while since I did a blog update and for that I apologise.

I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks working on a number of things. I played a set at the Secret Garden Party and have been working non stop on ATPLP2.

The last week has seen me finish the first mix of the second draft of the album and I am really happy with it. There are 3 tracks that require some friends to add vocals to, but after that the record in terms of my involvement will be complete.

Following that I will be looking to get it Mastered - not sure where I will be doing this yet but I have decided to spend the money on getting that done rather than getting CDs produced.

I am still really unsure about how this record will get release, I might give it away for free, I might spend a few months trying to find a label to release it. I simply just don't know.

I am however making plans for the life of the record and plan to release 3 double A-sided singles. So a total of 6 tracks from the album.

I have the artwork ready to go ... It's an odd situation to be in at present ... more to follow.

Jun 29, 2011

ATP:LIVE008 : Glastonbury Festival

Last week I was at Glastonbury Festival and am pleased to say I got to play on the Greenpeace stage on Saturday evening.

I have been going to Glastonbury since 1995 and it's always been a dream of mine to say I played there - well now I can say I have!

The whole week was great, highlights included Primal Scream, The Vaccines and the whole Arcadia/The Common area on Saturday evening.

I look forward to returning in 2013 and hope to be playing there again.

Jun 9, 2011

Raving on 6Music

Whilst heading home last night I received an email saying 'just heard you on 6 music', I was rather chuffed to later find out that Steve Lamacq played 'The Return of The Red-eyed Raver' on his show.

I sent Steve a copy of my Summer demo which has 3 tracks on and he opened it over the weekend. He says 'not really sure what to make of it - but I like it' - which sounds good to me.

You can click here for 'listen again' up until next Tuesday.

Skip forward to 2hrs and 14mins.

Jun 2, 2011

Festivalicious & August gig details.

Hello folks.

It's looking lovely outside today and I have just read that Glastonbury is going to be hot hot hot this summer which puts me in a great mood. So I am feeling festive and wanted to update everyone on my upcoming festival shows.

First up is BurnBake Calling which I am playing on Sunday 12th June. I will be the last act to play over the weekend and will be on stage at 7pm (ish) to give everyone one last rave before they head home. There are tickets still available at £35 which is a steal for a weekend of camping and music.

Next up is Glastonbury and I will be playing on the Cow Shed stage at some point over the weekend. Not totally sure when it will be as its a case of getting the slot sorted when on site. But if you are going, pass by the Green fields and keep an ear out for some beats.

Then in July I am heading off to play at Secret Garden Party on the Remix Bubble stage. The festival is already sold out so if you dont have a ticket you wont be able to party. But if you do - I am on at midday on Sunday. I plan on playing in my PJs so come along and lets get the day of rest off to a great start.

Finally for now - I am putting on a gig in August at the HobGoblin in Brighton. This will be on Sat 20th August and as well as being a gig it's also my Birthday. All are welcome.

Joining me on that date are Anna Madeline and |'bleiki| - both of which are awesome musicians and it will be an excellent night.

There is a Facebook event for the gig so put your name down and come along.

If you do manage to see me at any of these dates please come along and say hello.

May 18, 2011

The Great Escape / Midday Ravers

So last Saturday I had the pleasure of playing at The Great Escape festival in Brighton.

I was on the open air 'Hub' stage which was by the library in Jubilee Square.

My set was at 3.30pm and playing before me were the very excellent 'Dry the river' who had totally woo'ed the crowd with their lovely songs.

I was unsure as to how the relaxed Brighton audience would take my music but I am pleased to say it all went very well.

I began my 45 min set with some new material and it was really fun watching everyone dance along.

I had a slight issue during the set in the sense that my equipment has flashing lights so you can see whats being played and sequence up the next loop etc - However in bright sun these lights are not visible to the human eye.

But I managed to get through and it was a success. This has led me to be even more excited about my upcoming festival sets at Burnbake and SGP.

You can view the photos of the day using the link below and if any of you have the time and desire I'd be very grateful if you contacted The Great Escape (on facebook, twitter etc) and tell them how much you enjoyed my set so they will have be back next year.

Bring on the summer! View the photos on FB

May 9, 2011

ATP@LIVE @ The Great Escape

ATP:LIVE @ The Great Escape

Saturday 14th May 2011> 3pm - 4pm

Amongst The Pigeons will be playing this years The Great Escape Festival on the open air 'The Hub' stage in Jubilee Square - right by the Library.

It will be a hour long set with yet more new songs from the forthcoming ATPLP2 and a few oldies.
This is a free gig so all are welcome. Hope you can make it along and please feel free to invite others.

FB Event >

Mar 24, 2011

The sun is shining - the weather is sweet

It's a lovely day down on the Brighton coast and it's almost the weekend, so all in all, thing's are good.

This week I have been battling a horrible cough-cold-flu thing, but did manage to make it out on Tuesday to see Primal Scream perform Screamadelica at the Brighton Centre.

Screamadelica is one of my favorite albums of all time and this year see's the 20th anniversary of its first release. The show was excellent - all of the tracks sounded new and refreshed and it was a great night. Primal Scream are re-releasing a 20th anniversary of the album, you know, all remixed and remastered etc.

But, what I would love is that bands re-record the album all over again. Same songs etc but record them as they are now - new technology, new energy etc. It would be an amazing release.

I have often thought this with many albums and hope one day someone does it.

Also this week I have been playing around with the ATPLP2 demos and sent out a few CDs to people for some initial listens. There is a lot more to do on the album but the basic structure is there.

I am lining up some excellent guest vocals on the album and I imagine it will be 100% finished towards the end of the summer.

I want it to evolve over the next few months and be a bit more organic than it currently is.

Coming up this weekend I am going to the VW Volksworld show in Esher. As many of you know I own a 1973 Bay Camper so am looking forward to a weekend camping and seeing all the other vehicles :)

Mar 14, 2011

It's been a while

It's a bit of an odd time for me at the moment. I am in the middle of making ATPLP2 and on the surface it does not like there is much going on - but that's very wrong.

I am about 67% of the way through the new album - I am hoping to have the 1st draft finished by the summer - I will then sit on it for a bit and revisit it a few months later to improve and rework the tracks. I am hoping to have the whole thing finished (mixed, mastered, etc) by the end of the year with a view of getting it released in 2012.

I am also working on making ATP:LIVE better and better - I did a secret show last week which was great fun. The new tracks sounded ace and it taught me that road testing the songs before putting out the record is a great plan.

I have a few festival dates lined up for the summer and will be looking for more and more - so please send my details to people if you know them.

If you want to listen to some of the ATPLP2 demos then go HERE!

I keep putting new ones up and down and round and round so keep an eye on there for new things.

I am going to be away most of this week and plan to work on the final 3 tracks which will make the album .... not sure how far I will get but I am starting to get excited and can see the end in sight. Well the end of the first lap anyway!

Feb 21, 2011


My next gig will be on Friday 4th March 2011 in Brighton.
I am debuting my new live set at a friends birthday party.
I'll be on stage at 23.00hrs.

If you want to come get in touch.

Feb 11, 2011

ATP:LIVE Version 2

I have been working away on the new ATP:LIVE set and progress is starting to go well.
I have a new setlist and will be playing 3 new songs on its first outing. My hope is that as more new songs are made I will be able to bring them into the set over the summer.

I have also dropped a few; 'the trail and the beats' is now rested - as is the 'doing the pigeon' by bert. If you saw the old show you know what I mean.

I am going to spend the next two weeks working on the set and then the first new gig will be on Friday 4th March in Brighton - if you want to come just let me know as its a secret gig!

Feb 2, 2011

Vote for me to play Snow Bombing

Hi Folks.

I have been selected as one of the final 20 acts who could go on to play the Snow Bombing Festival and need your votes to help me get through to the final 4.

Please use this link >>

Then click on my page and vote! Thanks

Jan 27, 2011

I want your voice

If you have my debut album you will know that the opening track features the voice of Rob Da Bank saying 'Amongst The Pigeons', well I am looking to do something similar on ATPLP2 and also at the start of my new live show.

So here is a request for your help.

If you are able to, please can you record yourself saying 'Amongst The Pigeons' and then send it to me as an audio file (MP3, AIFF, WAV, etc etc etc). I plan on using as many of these as possible in my new live show.



Jan 26, 2011

Time flies

It's fast approaching the end of January and the first month of 2011 will soon be over.

I am still working away on ATPLP2 and progress is good. I have 7 new demos now and will keep making new tracks until I have enough to make an amazing album. I finished 'Throwing Nightmares' last week which sounds like a Sci-fi theme tune.

I have started to become very critical of my own music at the moment and will not accept anything other than brilliant for the finished album. The nice thing is I dont have a label on my back giving me deadlines so at least that gives me the opportunity to take my time.

The other thing I am trying to do is secure some slots at this Summers festivals - but this is proving hard without a booking agent.

So in summary - things are plodding along nicely but will get busier over the next few months.

Jan 17, 2011

Bubble & squeak

Here is a little bit of leftover footage from a Christmas get together.

Jan 4, 2011

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and that 2011 brings you success and happiness.

I had a nice relaxing time and continued to work on the ATPLP2 demos. I now have 5 tracks that are in various states of readiness. I was working on one the other days which is currently called 'owls' but will change to something less stupid.

I am looking to write some lyrics for it and have a few more 'proper songs' on this album (like Larkin About from MTBYTT).

I was hoping to spend some time working on the new ATP:LIVE set but got too into working on new material. I am not actively looking for gigs at the moment but will be accepting some as and when they come along.

I am hoping I can get the rough outline of ATPLP2 finished over the next few months and incorporate some of the new stuff into the live show. So by Summer 2011 its going to sound fantastic.

That seems a long way off but this year is already starting to fly by ................