Oct 28, 2008

Demo Review - Rock Migets

I have been sending out a few of my demos to try and get some reviews in order to use them on my press release. Today whilst hunting the net I found my first proper review.

Now I must point out that this review is from a site called 'Rock Midgets' which mainly deals in only rock music. Ruth (the lady that runs the site) warned me of this before I sent the demo but I said I would like to see what the reviewers think anyway.

I have posted the review below.

I think its a fair review but still positive. The CD was listened to and reviewed by someone who likes Rock music and is not so keen on dance.

I will be sending out more demos over the next few months and hope to get one into MixMag via a contact I have made.

Its not often you'll find something championed by Radio 1's Rob Da Bank on these pages, but then music full of these kinds of blips, beats and breaks rarely involve guest appearances and samples from Frank Turner, Beans On Toast or Massive Attack vocalist Debbie Clare. The results of investigating this four track demo are positive; whilst this will not convert the many opposed to button-pushing music as opposed to acts using 'real' instrumentation, the home-made-sounding beats are appealing. Relaxed to the level of chill-out, the layers, skittering beats and radio-transmission samples of excellently titled 'Trouble On The Deathstar' will raise smiles though not the heart rate. The distant sounds of brass add interest to 'Wings Wings Beat'. But it's the odd beats of and haunting singing of Frank Turner that makes 'Larkin About' the highlight. This doesn't rock, but there's something engaging about these ever so slightly blissful tracks that make Amongst The Pigeons well worth keeping an eye on.


Oct 20, 2008

...and straight in at Number One!

In Brighton (the place I live) we have a magazine called Latest Homes. In this magazine they have all of the houses for sale and flats for rent. On the flip side there is another magazine called Latest 7 and a few months ago they started having a music chart for local bands. I uploaded one of my demos and not much happened until last week when upon looking in the said magazine I had reached the top of the charts.

Now this week I imagine I have slipped in the top 10 but wanted to get back up to the top again. So this is where you come in. At the bottom of this post I have put a link to my track on the latest 7 music chart and upon pressing play you can cast your vote.

I thank you in advance!

Click here to listen to Deep Housey and to Vote for me

Oct 4, 2008

(Re)Mixing It Up

By now I am sure you know that I make music. I put it under the general heading of dance music but I dont know if that is a fair description.

I also do remixes for other musicians. So far I have made two. Over time I want to make more as I really enjoy brakeing down all the parts and then putting them back together in an ATP style. It's like creating some kind of DNA monster. Adding bits, taking bits away, changing parts and generally trying to take the work of someone else and adding my style to it.

The first remix I did was for a band called Miss Pain, they are a Brighton band and I made a remix for one of their songs called 'Kiss, Cuddle, Torture.

Then last week I remixed a track called 'Negative Thinking' by a band called Largo.

I have also been asked to do remixes for some other local bands and will be working on these soon. In order to let people hear my remixes I have set up a myspace page with my ATPRMXs on. The link is at the bottom of this post.

The nice thing about doing these remixes is that it allows me to take a break from working on my own tracks. I can do something slightly different, yet similar at the same time.

Eventually I plan on releaseing these remixes as part of an EP or if I have enough maybe a full album. There is also a numbering system to the remixes I make. The first one was called ATPRMX001, the second one ATPRMX002. You get the idea. I like to keep things organised.

I will add blog posts as time goes on to let you know when new remixes appear. But for now check out the two currently online and if you are a band after a remix please do get in touch.


Oct 1, 2008

A date for your Diary : 28.11.08

I was once someone else, I used to be a different type of musician. One that played guitar and sung folky songs. For now that's not me. For now I am Amongst The Pigeons.

Yes it is true that I used to write, record and gig under a different name and whilst doing so I released 9 ep/lps and played over 50 gigs.

I miss playing live and hope to get the Amongst The Pigeons live show ready for early 2009 to coincide with the LP coming out. So if you are a person that books gigs keep that in mind.

Alongside this however I can and do DJ. I have not done a DJ set for quite some time but have been asked to do one on Friday 28th November 2008 @ The Prince Albert pub in Brighton.

This will be the first ATP outing in quite sometime. I will be doing a mix of dance/easy listening and will most likely drop a few of my own tunes in too.

So ladies and gents get your dancing shoes on and come down. There will be more info coming in the next few weeks and the night looks really good - there will be other DJs and bands and I will hopefully be doing a live set there in Jan/Feb time!

I am excited to get getting out .... It's been too long. Way too long!